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7 Ways to Simplify Your Pick, Pack and Ship with Panatrack and StarShip

Join us for a Complimentary Webinar to learn how to improve your pick, pack, and ship process! Date:  Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020 Time: 1 PM CT  / 2 PM ET     Join Panatrack and StarShip for a new webinar highlighting how to simplify and tightly integrate your pick, pack and ship workflow for Microsoft Dynamics GP! During this webinar Chris and Alex will review: Real time inventory control for picking validation with shipping box and container details Capture…

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Introducing Zebra’s MC3300X: Why It Should Be On Your Warehouse Mobile Computer List

Zebra’s MC3300X is a groundbreaking warehouse mobile computer that combines world-class data capture with touchscreen workflows, a traditional keypad, and a four-way configuration to maximize barcode scanning efficiency and mobile productivity. In a year when many warehouses are struggling to keep up with unprecedented demand or cut costs and operate with a more limited workforce, this device is a timely and crucial solution. It helps increase warehouse efficiency and productivity…

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What is the right barcode scanner for your organization?

As a leading purveyor of inventory and asset tracking software for Dynamics GP users since the early 2000s, Panatrack has partnered with Zebra (formerly Motorola, Symbol) and Honeywell (formerly Intermec) to provide best in class hardware to our clients. Knowing that the devices in use with our application are reliable, rugged, and long-lasting allows Panatrack to support clients throughout their growth and lifecycle. With the introduction of the Android Operating…

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Indistry Standard UDI Label

GS1 and UDI Barcodes; Requirements meet Reality

As Inventory Experts serving the diverse community that is Dynamics GP users, Panatrack provides an inventory control solution that must meet many needs. Nearing the top of the Frequently Asked Questions list is “Do you support GS1 Barcodes?” Followed by “Can I print and scan UDI Barcodes or UDI Labels?”.  While it may seem silly to ask this of a company that specializes in barcoding, these users know their requirements.…

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GP Inventory Quantities Question

Dynamics GP Inventory Quantities; Available vs On Hand

Long term GP users still do not always understand the differences in GP inventory quantities. It is very easy for a user to look at the Quantity on Hand that shows thousands of items in stock while the Quantity Available is showing less than a quarter of that. Many people are trained to think of their warehouse inventory as a single number of widgets available. This can quickly lead to…

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Bin Tracking with Put Away

Panatrack has long supported the Multi-Bin functionality within Dynamics GP, a cornerstone of transforming GP in a Warehouse Management System. To learn more about Bin tracking and set up, see our blog post; Practical Advice for Bin Set Up in Microsoft Dynamics GP. In addition to extending the native Dynamics GP functionality to the mobile computers, Panatrack offers a unique, advanced feature to the item-bin move process, Put Away. This…

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The True Cost of Mistakes in Fulfillment

As a company that relies on delivering products to your customers, you already know that they are counting on you for the right product at the right time. You also know how easy it is for mistakes to happen before the product leaves the warehouse. While Panatrack often answers questions about avoiding stock-outs and handling backorders, there is another problem that builds hidden expenses rapidly. Incorrect shipments result in direct…

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Disinfecting Barcode Equipment

As we start to see businesses opening and operations resuming, Panatrack users have been requesting information on the proper process to disinfect and prep their equipment. This post is intended to serve as a general guideline for proper device care. For device-specific instructions, you can find manufacturer details online from Zebra or a list of many scanners including Honeywell here. Ensuring that your team is operating in the safest environment…

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Panatrack presents – Zebra Scanner and Printer Rebates!

Panatrack is thrilled to announce participation in the GoZebra program! This program offers Panatrack clients the opportunity to purchase or upgrade to new Zebra Mobile Computers and Printers with a direct customer rebate, offering savings of up to $250 per device! These rebates apply to any companies that currently own mobile computers with a 2 inch or larger screen. New Panatrack clients can trade in scanners used with their old…

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