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Our highly flexible barcode software gives you visibility to track items critical to your business.

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Complex item tracking made simple.

Based on a strong history of building solutions to track inventory and assets, we created a powerful barcode software solution that delivers maximum flexibility to meet the most unique tracking requirements.

Traditional inventory or asset systems typically enforce a narrow interpretation of “control” because they often treat the world like things on shelves. They aren’t designed to address the challenges of items located outside of your four walls, or the mixing of ownership/custody, or the hierarchical nesting of locations. Therefore, locations like job sites, tool cribs, medical labs, repair centers, and consignment locations get jammed into inflexible data structures that hinder your interactions with your team, partners, or customers.

Conversely, PanatrackerST was designed to track the aspects of who, what, and where. It allows for flexible identification and control of your business’s inventory and assets.

We kept in mind the need to easily complete transactions from multiple devices — desktops, tablets, mobile devices, and phones. Barcode data capture provides the efficiency to accurately perform transactions.

If you are looking to better manage tools, equipment, assets, project-based inventory, or supplies, PanatrackerST is the right tracking solution for you.

The key concepts behind PanatrackerST

Tracking WHAT: Items and Assets

Define different categories and rule assignments to support a mix of tracking requirements.

  • Manage tools & equipment
  • Control IT and technology assets
  • Track inventory for projects & services
  • Handle customer-owned & consignment inventory
  • Manage packages and mail delivery

Tracking WHO: Users and Teams

Set up teams as Owners and Custodians of the items being tracked throughout the system:

  • Users, employees, and contractors
  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Carriers

Tracking WHERE: Locations

Set up flexible areas and locations for your internal Teams, addresses for your Customers and Vendors; trucks or trunks for your on-the-road crew.

  • In your warehouse or stockroom
  • At the project or job site
  • In service trucks or vans
  • With a carrier when in-transit between locations
  • At a customer or vendor site

Tracking WHY: Projects

Track details specific to individual Projects, Jobs, Service Orders, or Contract Details.

  • For a project, job, contract, or service order
  • Items checked out to employees and staff
  • Items loaned to customer or contractors
  • Items out for repair at a vendor or the maintenance department
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Key features of our item tracking software

  • Unlimited Data Attributes

    Obtain maximum flexibility and define WHAT data to track, HOW to track it and WHEN to capture it.

  • Flexible Item Templates

    Set up different rules on how to track items and their corresponding attributes. Templates define what data to record and when to record it, eliminating the guesswork for the person capturing the transaction.

  • Unlimited Locational Nesting

    Group items in serialized movable containers and leverage unlimited nesting capabilities. Nest components within a master unit to build location parent-child relationships.

PanatrackerST mobile
  • Track Custody & Ownership

    Add the missing dimension to your item tracking by assigning both custody and ownership. Delegate an employee, customer, vendor, or carrier as custodian of your item.

  • Easy Visibility to Details

    PanatrackerST has multiple dynamic grid views to view the details of the items you track. Access additional information through inquiries and reports.

  • Multiple Ways to Capture Transactions

    Stop updating cumbersome spreadsheets and paper after the fact. Instead, simply record changes to items when and where they occur. Capture transactions using the mobile app or browser interface. Barcode scanning assures efficiency and accuracy.

All your tracking features come standard.

You will be able to complete all of the standard transactions you expect in a tracking solution. You can tailor the PanatrackerST solution to meet your organization’s unique tracking needs. Team roles provide access (or restrictions) to what each user can do for each team of which they are a member.

Tailor your process and workflows to include these key functions.

  • Record receipt of items. Assign barcode asset tags or barcode labels.
  • Complete moves and transfers. Keep location data up to date.
  • Capture check-outs and check-ins of circulating tools, equipment, and assets.
  • Set up maintenance plans and record maintenance activities.
  • Record usage (issue) of components or supply items.
  • Track Place-In-Service and retire dates.
  • Record when assets are disposed.
  • Receive packages and mail delivered for employees or departments and record pick-up or delivery.

Built for these scenarios...

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Frequently Asked Questions about PanatrackerST

No. PanatrackerST is only offered as an annual subscription.

PanatrackerST is designed to capture transactions from a cellphone, mobile scanner, tablet, or desktop browser. Mobile devices with dedicated scanners are the recommended option for those performing transactions that require heavy scanning such as order picks, check outs, and check-ins. Accuracy and timeliness are achieved by capturing transactions when you are interacting with the physical item — thus avoiding the errors arising from delayed manual data entry. Therefore, the mobile application is ideal, while the browser interface provides access to grid views and data-dense information.

No. When you are set up as a system user, your login will work for both platforms.

Yes. Users are set up with both an organization role (for the administrative side, such as ability to edit, delete, etc.) and with a team role. Team roles define what transactions can be performed on behalf of the team. In addition, you can assign multiple teams to a user with differing permissions.

They don’t need to be. PanatrackerST offers the flexibility to set up items to be tracked by a unique (serialized) ID or in a quantity by the item number. Rule assignment options provide further configuration flexibility.

Yes. PanatrackerST uses Item Templates to define different types or categories of items and how they should be tracked in the system. You can track assets, tools, and equipment along with consumables and supplies all within the same system.

PanatrackerST has two distinct sets of users: system users (those that will complete transactions) and community users (those that are custodians of the items tracked in the system). Licensing is based on system users, not community users.

PanatrackerST does not define any limits on what assets can be tracked within the system. Your assets don’t even need to be uniquely serialized. For example, expensed assets such as a keyboard and mouse can be set up to be tracked by item number by a quantity instead of assigning each unit a unique ID. PanatrackerST can be used to track everything from tools (including small tools), equipment for labs, construction, AV and IT assets, furniture, and any other circulating assets that you want to know where they are and who has them.

PanatrackerST is a barcode-based item tracking platform. Based on current functionality, PanatrackerST may fall short of an actual WMS solution for those requiring complex pick-and-pack functionality. There are many supporting features, including receiving, transfers, basic order picks, serialized movable containers, and shipping. However, we feel the solution is a better fit for stockrooms, labs, and managing supply inventory. PanatrackerST is natively designed to manage expensed project-based inventory with a workflow of receiving, moves, transfers, and usage at a project or job site. Will we ever get to the WMS level? Maybe. We are well on the way and continue to expand PanatrackerST functionality. We’d love the opportunity to review your requirements further and assess this together.

License plate logic (defined as a unique ID for a group of items that can then be moved, transferred, and managed by the license plate ID) is supported by PanatrackerST. In fact, PanatrackerST supports unlimited nesting of containers. For example, items can be placed in a small box, the box placed in a larger carton, the carton then put on a pallet.

PanatrackerST tracks ownership separately from custody and location. Ownership often has financial impact related to fixed assets when an organization has multiple branches or locations. The asset may be owned by one team but in the custody of another team. Ownership adds another layer of tracking for items loaned to customers or sent out to a vendor for repair.

A pain point for many organizations is tracking items for which they are contracted to manage but which are owned by another organization. While some 3PL software solutions offer ways to manage such items, we found many instances where organizations are looking for a simpler version to manage those items. With the flexibility to configure PanatrackerST, we are an ideal fit. And in the reverse, ownership can add another level of tracking for items that are loaned out to a customer or sent to a vendor for repair.

PanatrackerST offers the ability to set the ownership to the organization versus individual team. Being able to provide this flexibility will maximize the options to track items to the detail level needed for any organization.

Yes. This solution was designed precisely for this purpose. We couldn’t think of a phrase that generically represented project, job, service, contract, (or whatever you might call it) so we landed on Projects & Jobs. However, we are soon adding a feature that allows you to swap out the term Project & Job with whatever you want to call it. In the meantime, you can use the infrastructure to define details about your job or contract, define planned quantities for the items that will be used, and track items for check-outs, allocations, and issues.

Yes. PanatrackerGP is ideal when your tracking needs for assets fit into Dynamics GP’s limitations. If you are looking to expand to a more flexible solution option, PanatrackerST is the ideal option to explore. Changing to a different ERP? Whatever your needs, let’s talk!

Not yet, but this is an item we have on our roadmap. However, your ERP likely has the financial support for handling depreciation. We are often the solution to complement your ERP where assets are physically tracked in our system but fiscally maintained within your ERP. We would love to discuss with you further — let’s talk.