Purpose-built Warehouse Devices, Rugged and Built to Last

Get rugged on purpose: Mobile computing in the warehouse

When you need specialized medical help, you go to a specialist, someone who is highly trained to understand the complexities of your condition. You wouldn’t count on a general practitioner to treat a heart condition.

Using consumer-grade mobile devices in the warehouse is the same thing. You work in a tough environment. Lightweight smartphones will not last. In fact, they have about a six-month lifespan in a warehouse, taken out of service by drops and broken screens. A purpose-built mobile computer delivers five times that service, with a three-year life expectancy.

Warehouse Devices Designed for You

Designed to live in the most demanding places; warehouses, yards, terminals, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers are home to rugged handheld computers. Engineered not just for durability, but the functionality we rely on, day in and day out rugged warehouse devices support success. With built-in, enterprise-grade barcode scanners, enhanced security and connectivity, these rugged devices are purpose-built for the job—specifically, they are productivity tools.

Many of Panatrack’s customers tell us they like the Zebra MC9200, for all these reasons. The MC9200 features a comfortable and ergonomic pistol grip that doesn’t slow down progress. Hot-swappable batteries keep devices ready for every shift and the warehouse stays running all day. Scan engine options include a long-range imager, enabling scans from 3 inches to 70 feet—something you won’t get from your smartphone. No one expects a smartphone to last long term in extreme temperatures, but a rugged device functions in sub-zero to high heat.

The keyboard on these handheld computers doesn’t take up valuable real estate on the screen. Instead, you have a dedicated keypad below the toughened touchscreen, designed for warehouse abuse where smartphones will fail.

We also like the advanced connectivity of the MC9200. With 802.11n bandwidth and a powerful antenna, plus expanded Wi-Fi support, devices have more reliable connections while minimizing wireless traffic. Zebra Rugged Warehouse Devices enable efficiency and reliability across the organization.

Every day, All Day Rugged Warehouse Devices

As a productivity tool, your mobile computers must continue to perform at their peak, regardless of the conditions. When used in a remote location, dropped repeatedly on the warehouse floor, taken in and out of cold storage, or spending their lives scanning entire pallets from forklift; the devices recommended are built to handle anything. Don’t compromise for convenience. Upgrade for productivity. And the return on investment will be your reward.

If you’re interested in seeing the Zebra MC9200 or Zebra’s other purpose-built mobile devices, bring your challenges to a specialist in warehouse technology. Contact Panatrack.

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