Top 3 Reasons to Choose PanatrackerGP

1.  No Separate Database

PanatrackerGP uses your existing Microsoft Dynamics GP database. There isn’t a separate inventory database that needs to be replicated or kept in sync. The benefits are many:

  • We can implement PanatrackerGP quickly in your environment. Instead of months of setup and configuration, we can have you operational in days.
  • Set up a test company to evaluate unlocking other Dynamics GP features. PanatrackerGP profiles support connecting to different GP company databases for testing.
  • Changes to Dynamics GP are automatically changes to PanatrackerGP.

2.  Multiple Configuration Settings and Extensibility

Panatrack offers many unique features and configurable settings allowing the application to mold into your current business process and not overrule it. Because of the native integration to Dynamics GP, Panatrack not only provides instant validation and transaction updates, but it also works seamlessly with other ISV products.

PanatrackerGP’s setting options are based on a profile. Your users can be assigned the profile that will give them access to complete the inventory transactions you want to give them access — without the need to log into Dynamics GP.  Defaults can also be defined. For example, a default can be set for a site. When the user starts a transaction, the site is already set for either filters or assignments.

Other features that offer extensibility include flex fields. Define additional data to capture for a transaction. Transactions can be set up with pre- or post- stored procedures to support other integrations without requiring customization.

3.  Exceptional Support

What is surprising to most, and appreciated by every customer, is the response, dedication, and expertise offered by Panatrack.  Our professional services team will listen to what you need to get your system setup in the most effective way. They will also ask questions and offer recommendations on how to improve your process or unlock other inventory features for you to explore in Dynamics GP.  They will work with you on barcode labeling set up, packing list printing, or even stored procedures.

Should you run into any issues or just have a question, our support team is ready to respond. We have an extensive knowledge base and online documentation. Our goal is to have an answer back to you as quickly as possible.

We Listen!

PanatrackerGP has been in the market since 2005 and has continually evolved. We are still actively developing PanatrackerGP today. We listen to requests from customers. We also take what we hear during demos for requirements. We carefully evaluate every request and make improvements and add features when it makes sense. 

Looking to implement or looking to upgrade to a better inventory solution for Dynamics GP?  Contact us today.

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