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Top 3 Reason Clients Upgrade To PanatrackerGP

Top 3 Reason Clients Upgrade to PanatrackerGP

It’s time to jump ship to a better solution!

Panatrack has been the life raft for many companies looking to turn a shipwreck into smooth sailing with a better inventory control solution. Since 2004 Panatrack has been offering an inventory solution designed exclusively for Dynamics GP from hands-on experience. The PanatrackerGP solutions are designed to utilize and streamline your existing investment in Dynamics fully. We have compiled a list of the Top 3 reasons that clients upgrade to Panatrack from their current solutions. Panatrack has introduced a one of a kind upgrade option for Dynamics GP users trapped on a sinking solution. Through a unique 1:1 license exchange program Panatrack offers clients an easy and cost-effective path to a better solution.

1.      Top Tier Support

What is surprising to most, and appreciated by every Panatrack client, is the response, dedication, and expertise found at From the moment a client is connected with the professional services team to implement their solution, through daily operations. The Panatrack team is only a click away with answers to your questions. Detailed project management ensures that every implementation is carried off smoothly and effectively, putting the tools to efficiency in your hands.

The customer service you get with Panatrack in my experience has been excellent. They have worked with us very closely through implementations/training/enhancement and functionality requests for 3 separate sites and delivered on our requirements.

Client since March 2016

2.      Native integrations don’t overpower workflows

Panatrack offers many unique features and configurable settings allowing the application to mold into your current business process and not overrule it. Because of the native integration to Dynamics GP, Panatrack not only provides instant validation and transaction updates, it also works seamlessly with other ISVs. For example, a customer who made the giant leap from another solution was having issues with order fulfillment knocking out all their order specific tax calculations from Avalara. From the first moment, this was an issue, and “go back into GP and reapply” was an unacceptable answer. Through native communication with Dynamics GP, the customer now instantly fulfills orders with PanatrackerGP and never has to worry about the taxes.

…after trying another solution that didn't go well for our business model, we switched to Panatrack (out of Wisconsin). Best decision ever!

Their implementation process is seamless… They did on-site training with us because of conversion from the previous solution. We also used our existing equipment.
The company is very easy to work with on-going as well. We have had a couple of service calls with them, only because of the customization I had put in place needed to be updated to support our changing needs, and their staff is very quick with their solutions.

The owners of the company have experience in being actual Users of GP which is a huge plus.

Client converted from another solution.

3.      Transactions and Capabilities designed for clients, by clients

Additional features such as the Convert Item transaction have been developed based on direct customer needs and input. Intended for several clients working with bulk packaged goods in food & beverage, chemical, and mining this transaction saves time and adds a new degree of control to the inventory process. By taking the need to repackage a bulk item into a smaller quantity and putting the transaction in the hand of the user as it needs to happen, Panatrack has reduced time required and mislabeled product opportunities in a single step. Panatrack has also created a barcode standard for use with inventory control that reduces the amount of scanning and manual entry on mobile computers. The Panacode format was designed to allow a user to capture item number, lot or serial number, quantity and attributes in a single scan, saving time and effort while improving inventory accuracy.

Throw out the wrong solution, not your investment

Panatrack has created an upgrade path for clients who need a better solution, centered on the idea of putting the customer first. Our unique 1:1 upgrade program provides your team a chance to begin anew with the PanatrackerGP application in your stockroom or warehouse. The Panatrack professional services team will work with you through full implementation, replacing your underperforming system. By Identifying your workflows and processes, our team will evaluate and train your workforce on how to get the most out of your PanatrackerGP Solution. Panatrack will leverage any hardware and infrastructure that may be in place throughout your facility to squeeze the most value possible out of the failed application and ensure that you move forward with a successful Warehouse Management System.

To learn more about the Panatrack upgrade program contact our sales team 262-361-4950.


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