We've Tamed Crazy

We are technology experts with a passion for tracking.

Panatrack creates innovative software for tracking inventory and assets. Focusing on the efficiency and accuracy achieved by barcode and mobile technology, we create solutions to track items and capture the transactions that are critical to efficient business operations.

In 2004, we brought to market PanatrackerGP for Dynamics GP, a solution adding barcode technology to capture inventory transactions for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Our success arose from listening to our customers and the challenges they face. Our PanatrackerGP solution continued to evolve and has become the solution of choice for those needing an inventory or asset management solution for Dynamics GP. We continue to listen and enhance this solution today.

Based on customer requests to apply our capabilities to a wider venue of item tracking, we designed and built our cloud based PanatrackerST solution. This solution offers flexible configurations to easily meet unique tracking needs. We recognized that tracking starts not only with the location, but who owns and who has custody of it. We wanted to make sure that data capture was simple and accessible from multiple device options, especially barcode data capture. We built a strong foundation, and we are able to rapidly build on top of it. We selected business areas where we found we could make the most impact.

We have focused all our attention and effort on developing and supporting solutions that have ultimately earned us a reputation as the stable, smart, innovative, and reliable choice for tracking items: inventory, consumables, supplies, assets, tools, and equipment. Our customers will tell you: we listen and respond. Our solutions constantly evolve as we continue the partnership, we develop with each of our customers.