It's not really "delivered" until it's in their hands.

Package tracking software adds accountability for your internal deliveries.

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for Internal Deliveries

Keep track of inbound packages.

Do you need visibility and accountability for packages, mail, and deliveries received for employees, customers, students, staff, or residents? Panatrack’s cloud-based Package Tracking software adds accountability by tracking chain-of-custody and package delivery. Use the existing package tracking numbers from a carrier or assign your own for easy barcode scanning at pickup or delivery. Stop finger-pointing for lost deliveries and invest in a flexible package tracking software solution. PanatrackerST offers the power you need to track inbound packages, customer assets, mail, and other deliveries.

PanatrackerST Package Tracking software is ideal for mailrooms, reception desks, and receiving docks that receive deliveries. 

  • Make use of the existing barcoded package tracking number to record that the package was received.
  • Assign to a storage area or holding location.
  • Record when it is picked up or delivered to the target person or department.
  • Stop finger-pointing for lost packages.
Don’t leave expensive deliveries to chance and distraction. Use PanatrackerST to track your important internal resources.
  • Record receipt of incoming packages.

    Track who received it and where it is being held for final delivery or pickup.

  • Track custody hand-offs.

    Track packages beyond receipt. Know when they are picked up by the recipient. Track change in custody throughout receipt, storage, delivery, and closure.

  • Track your customer's important items.

    Data centers and repair facilities are responsible for managing their customer's items. If those items are being shipped directly to you, PanatrackerST will improve the way you keep track of them.

  • Capture signatures.

    Obtain signatures at key transaction events and gain complete audit history.

  • Record additional details as needed.

    Set up different package types and define additional data to capture when the package is received, delivered, or picked up.

Features of PanatrackerST Package Tracking Software

Packages & Mail

Use existing carrier tracking numbers and printed barcodes to simplify your internal routing and tracking. Or tag it with your own barcodes and internal identification.

Easily locate package when the recipient comes to collect it.

Pick Up & Delivery

Record when the package is picked up by the recipient.

Provide reliable delivery services to departments and staff.

Visibility & Versatility

Grid-based views and simple reports show package history.

Configurable package types and powerful attributes make it easy to collect key information.

Get answers to who has it and when was it delivered to the addressee.

Key features of PanatrackerST Package Tracking Software

  • Unlimited Data Attributes

    Obtain maximum flexibility and define WHAT data to track, HOW to track it and WHEN to capture it.

  • Flexible Item Templates

    Set up different rules on how items are tracked and their corresponding attributes. Templates define what data to record and when to record it, eliminating the guesswork for the person capturing the transaction.

  • Unlimited Locational Nesting

    Group items in serialized movable containers and leverage unlimited nesting capabilities. Nest components within a master unit to build location parent-child relationships.

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  • Track Custody & Ownership

    Add the missing dimension to your item tracking by assigning both custody and ownership. Delegate an employee, customer, vendor, or carrier as custodian of your item.

  • Easy Visibility to Details

    PanatrackerST has multiple dynamic grid views to view the details of the items you track. Access additional information through inquiries and reports.

  • Multiple Ways to Capture Transactions

    Stop updating cumbersome spreadsheets and paper after the fact. Instead, simply record changes to items when and where they occur. Capture transactions using the mobile app or browser interface. Barcode scanning assures efficiency and accuracy.

Package tracking

Frequently Asked Questions for Package Tracking

No. PanatrackerST is only offered as an annual subscription.

PanatrackerST is designed to capture transactions from a cellphone, mobile scanner, tablet, or desktop browser. Mobile devices with dedicated scanners are the recommended option for those performing transactions that require frequent scanning such as receipts, movement, check outs, and check-ins. Accuracy and timeliness are achieved by capturing transactions when you are interacting with the physical item — thus avoiding the errors arising from delayed manual data entry. Therefore, the mobile application is ideal, while the browser interface provides access to grid views and data-dense information

No. When you are set up as a system user, your login will work for both platforms.
Yes. Users are set up with both an organization role (for the administrative side, such as ability to edit, delete, etc.) and with a team role. Team roles define what transactions can be performed on behalf of the team. In addition, you can assign multiple teams to a user with different permissions.

Yes. In fact, it is encouraged to use the barcoded tracking numbers for full audit history. You may also pre-print ID numbers to apply for anything received without an existing tracking number.

There is the ability to create a recipient on-the-fly when receiving packages. Recipients are not system users so will not require a license.

Yes. PanatrackerST has powerful configurable capabilities that are addressed as part of your implementation.

Both the pick-up and delivery transactions have a signature capture.

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