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Easily manage your raw materials, components, and finished goods inventory.
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for Manufacturing & Assembly

Make manufacturing easier in Dynamics GP.

Organizations that perform manufacturing or assembly require specialized inventory management. It’s no secret that having an organized warehouse and effective tools to efficiently manage your inventory saves time and money. It makes your business more profitable.

You require:

  • Tighter inventory controls
  • Better visibility into what you have and where to find it
  • An effective way to capture inventory transactions


Simply put, effective and efficient warehouse management is critical to your success.

It is not surprising then that many manufacturers evaluate adding Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) as a way to achieve gains in efficiency, visibility, and accuracy. While there are many solutions available, if your business has already invested in Microsoft Dynamics GP, why not begin your WMS search by evaluating a solution that uses your existing MS Dynamics GP database?

Add mobile and barcode technology for GP inventory and any of these manufacturing systems:

  • GP Manufacturing

    Support for Component Issue, MO Receiving, and Quick MO

  • Vicinity Manufacturing

    Record issue of raw materials and record finished production.

  • Horizon Manufacturing

    Using Horizon's integration module, materials and components can be issued and finished goods received.

  • GP Inventory Assembly

    Simple manufacturing and assembly processes are nicely supported with Assembly functionality.

Key Benefits of the Manufacturing Solution

PanatrackerGP adds mobile and barcode technology to improve tracking your inventory during manufacturing. Our flexible configurations allow you to tailor the solution to meet your tracking needs. We add full audit control and remove the need for your stockroom employees to log into GP to manage inventory.

In addition, get these benefits:

  • Eliminate Paper Tracking

    Add mobile and barcode technology to capture transactions at the point and time the transaction occurs.

  • Scalability

    When your organization grows, PanatrackerGP can grow with it. Panatrack offers other solutions to unlock more features and functionality.

  • Extensibility

    Designed to support unique requirements with features such as Flex Fields and opportunities to add customizable stored procedures.

  • Real-Time Verification

    Eliminate errors and issues due to hard-to-read forms. Validate your transaction real-time to save headaches later.

  • Fast Configuration

    Your Dynamics GP database is the PanatrackerGP database. Our plug-and-play solution can be implemented quickly.

  • Label Printing Support

    Automatically print item barcode labels at receiving. On demand label printing is supported from desktop or mobile application.

Transaction Highlights of your New Manufacturing Solution

Our PanatrackerGP solution includes functionality to support your entire manufacturing operation — from receiving materials through the fulfillment of sales orders. The Panatracker Portal offers easy administration: set up your users, define your configurations, and access transaction logging for accountability and audit history. Transactions are created directly in Dynamics GP to give you real-time accuracy of your inventory numbers.

Receive From Vendor

Receive raw materials, packaging, and components from vendors. Set a default receiving bin on the site level or by item for quicker entry.

Print barcode labels to add efficiency to moves and issue.

Item-bin Moves

When using multiple-bin tracking in Dynamics GP, you can manage inventory by more granular area locations.

The Put Away transaction simplifies put aways from the receiving dock to stock areas. Then, Move inventory from stock areas to the manufacturing floor.

Site Transfers

Record transfers between your site locations.

Add our Directed Transfer Order module for a more controlled transfer process. This module enables you to plan and execute inventory transfers for more robust management of your raw materials and components -- from stock areas to the manufacturing floor.


Record disposal of expired or damaged inventory.

Add returned inventory back into stock.

The Convert Item transaction creates the remove adjustment of an item and adds it back under a different item number.

Inventory Counts

PanatrackerGP is compatible with either the Dynamics GP Stock Count Schedule or Blue Moon Quality Count to manage your stock and cycle counts.

Complete targeted Spot Counts for a specific item and bin location to record variances outside of scheduled counts.


Keep your team informed with immediate access to stock levels and locations from the warehouse floor.

Quickly look up Serial and Lot details without running back to the office.

Issue Inventory

Record the issue of raw materials, components, and packaging at the point and time they are consumed.

Create Production

Receive finished goods inventory and print item barcode labels. Our Quick MO feature is available for those using Dynamics GP Manufacturing.

Inventory Assembly

Capture components and correlate finished assembly items in the Dynamics GP Inventory Assembly transaction.

Our PanatrackerGP Assembly Work Order enables you to plan assemblies and track the progress against that plan.

Order Fulfill - ‘Pick’

Complete picks against the Dynamics GP sales orders.

Provide access to where items are located and the quantities available.

Group multiple orders for a single pick list using Batch Pick.

Verify Order - ‘Pack’

Add a verification step to your process with Verify Order. Complete verification of the pick or manage the pack of the orders staged to be shipped.

Record tracking details or confirm the Ship ID containers are loaded to the truck with the Ship Order transaction.

Other Add-on Options

Gain even more efficiency: 

✓ Advanced Bin Management

✓ ASN Receiving

✓ Mobile Sales Entry

✓ Directed Internal Transfers


When you sell and ship the items you create, select the advanced manufacturing solution to add pick and pack functions for GP sales orders with Order Fulfill and Verify Order functionality. 

  • Plug & Play Integration

    PanatrackerGP uses the same inventory database as Dynamics GP for quick plug & play implementation.

  • Multiple configuration options

    Tailor your setup to meet tracking requirements. Define flex fields to capture additional details.

  • Barcode Label Printing

    Automatically print item barcode labels for efficient data capture in the stockroom and beyond.

Inventory for Manufacturing
  • Audit History

    Transactions are logged in detail in the Panatracker logging database to give you a complete audit history.

  • Alternate Item Numbers

    Does your GP item number differ from the barcoded vendor item code? Capture these alternate item numbers and use those existing barcodes to complete transactions throughout the system.

  • Advanced Barcode Parsing Logic

    When a barcode contains more than just the item number, PanatrackerGP can intelligently parse the barcode to streamline the capture of data with flexible support for UDI, GS1, HIBC, or internal standards.

FAQs – PanatrackerGP for Manufacturing

PanatrackerGP is installed on mobile barcode-scanning devices connected to a wireless network. This provides real-time access to your data in GP such as purchase orders and item details. Transactions are captured and logged. Most often, the transaction is created in Dynamics GP using Microsoft’s eConnect infrastructure, thus ensuring the transactions are submitted following GP’s standard business rules. 

Many organizations evaluating WMS solutions are looking to add mobile and barcode technology to simplify inventory receiving, moves, transfers, and picking of inventory. PanatrackerGP combines with the Inventory, Sales, and Purchasing functionality of Dynamics GP to provide the functionality of a WMS (Warehouse Management System). 

PanatrackerGP provides the ability to use real-time features of GP that weren’t practical when performing manual keyboard updates ‘after the fact’.  These features include the use of multi-bins and separating order fulfillment processing which allow the actual items picked to be updated on the sales order.

We believe that most small to mid-size distribution organizations can improve their day-to-day operations with PanatrackerGP. Adding PanatrackerGP to your current GP investment transforms GP into a highly functional WMS system.

PanatrackerGP uses Microsoft eConnect to submit transactions in GP in the same way they would be entered within the GP interface. Transactions are added and saved in a batch for your review. Automated posting solutions can be added to streamline your data capture even further.

PanatrackerGP for Manufacturing supports the GP Inventory Assembly BOM. Also included is Assembly Work Orders to add basic assembly planning functionality.

Order Fulfillment functionality is available for the Manufacturing solution. This adds support to complete sales order pick and pack operations.

There is a sales module available as an add-on for any of the inventory solutions. This transaction allows you to create a new sales order in GP or to add order lines to an existing sales order in GP.

Some of our more advanced features include:

  • Flex Fields support capturing additional custom data
  • ‘Pre’ and ‘Post’ SQL stored procedures offer powerful integration capabilities.
  • Our unique Directed Transfer infrastructure offers a directed pick to transfer raw materials and components to the manufacturing lines.
  • Advanced Bin Management supports logic for stock and overstock bin locations.

PanatrackerGP is highly flexible and has detailed transaction logging to provide you with a robust solution.

PanatrackerGP was designed to extend Dynamics GP data-entry onto mobile scanning devices so that transactions can be captured when and where the inventory activity occurs. To achieve efficiency and accuracy, a mobile device option is ideal to record transactions when users are interacting with the inventory. Therefore, we do not have a redundant desktop interface. Many of our customers have opted to use tablets with the Android OS.

Yes. We support both the issue of raw materials and components as well as recording finished goods production. 

Yes. Quick MO is a configurable option in PanatrackerGP.

Our time capture is supported for Dynamics GP and uses the Automated Data Capture table updates in GP.

PanatrackerGP was originally developed for the Windows Mobile handheld computers with integrated scanners. With the sunsetting of Windows Mobile, Panatrack added support for Android mobile devices. While we strongly recommend investing in Android devices with integrated barcode scanners to gain the highest scanning efficiency, we also operate well on Android phones with integrated cameras. Contact our sales team to learn more about your scanning options.

Yes. We have partnered with best-of-breed manufacturers for mobile devices and barcode printers in order to simplify your implementation.

Already working with a hardware vendor? No problem, we play nicely with others. (Just confirm your device selections with us before implementing to avoid any surprises.)

Yes! Even if the vendor’s barcode is a different number than your Dynamics GP item number, PanatrackerGP can associate alternate item numbers to your GP item number when receiving inventory (or as a separate transaction). It creates the association in GP under the Manufacturer Item Number Maintenance screen in GP.

‘License plating’ is a term which is a bit abstract and may mean different things to different organizations. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will help determine if our solution is a good fit.

We use state-of-the-art secure remote support tools to allow us to work with you to gain access to your system. We install the server component and then assist you throughout the installation of the mobile application. Next, we train your team and stand ready to assist you as needed.

Yes. We are here to help when you need guidance on best practices for inventory or help to identify other features within GP that can improve your inventory and asset control. Our optional on-site implementations include a process review and general consulting services. 

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Why choose Panatrack?

  • Smart

    Gain much more value from Microsoft Dynamics GP! We understand Dynamics GP and will help you leverage your system to achieve inventory and asset control.

  • Economical

    We leverage your investment in Dynamics GP by using it as the single source of truth. We eliminate the overhead of reconciling yet another system.

  • Intuitive

    If software isn't intuitive and easy to use, your users will resist using it. We give your users a simple way to capture transactions and escape the complexities of Dynamics GP.

  • Growth-ready

    Start simply with your current Dynamics GP setup and gain immediate benefits. Unlock additional features and functionality as your tracking needs evolve.

  • Scalable

    PanatrackerGP is highly scalable. Whether you have one user or hundreds of users, powerful configurations enable you to tailor the system to fit your tracking needs.

  • Immediate

    Capture the transactions at the point and time they occur to achieve real-time updates in Dynamics GP. Avoid "paperwork lag" and obtain accurate numbers immediately.