Keeping track of other people’s stuff doesn’t have to be hard.

Deliver access to ownership, custody, and location for the items you need to manage.

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for Customer Owned and Consignment Inventory

Consignment and customer owned inventory tracking solutions.

Most inventory management solutions will track where items are located – period.  A design principle within PanatrackerST is to track custody and ownership in addition to location and status. This makes PanatrackerST an ideal solution to manage customer owned inventory under your responsibility.  This same principle applies to track consignment inventory under a third party’s custody.

Item templates offer flexibility to define what details to track specific to each individual customer. An optional customer portal adds access and visibility for the items outside their current custody. PanatrackerST helps manage customer owned inventory or consignment inventory with the ability to capture transactions and access details from the desktop, tablets, or the mobile app.

Implement PanatrackerST to add accountability and access to all the items you need to track – both owned by your organization or by another.

Customer-Owned Inventory Benefits:

  • Replace cumbersome spreadsheets and paper-based tracking.

    Record transactions from your desktop or from a mobile device using barcode technology for accurate reporting.

  • Give your customers visibility to their items.

    Take advantage of the Panatracker customer portal to provide visibility for your customer's items placed in your custody.

  • Capture updates to units based on processes you apply.

    Record transactional updates to the units you are charged to manage. Don't miss a step when additional services and processes need to be applied.

  • Complete efficient Pick-Pack-and-Ship processes.

    Create shipping orders and efficiently complete pick and pack functions for shipping.

  • Gain visibility to loaned and consignment inventory.

    Add visibility to the inventory and items loaned or consigned to customer locations.

How PanatrackerST works for Customer Owned Inventory

PanatrackerST offers all of the standard barcode item tracking functionality needed to track Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), consignment inventory, or customer owned items.

These include:

  • Receive items shipped to you from your customer and assign appropriate ownership.
  • Scan barcodes to record moves between areas and facilities so you always know where to find it. 
  • Setup Customer Shipment Directives and complete pick-pack-ship activities.
  • Assign updates to status or unit details based on services and processes applied.
  • Validate customer’s items in your warehouse to give them peace of mind. 

PanatrackerST offers a robust infrastructure to meet your tracking needs.

Item Templates

Define data attributes and associated rules that specify how to track each type of item.

Establish details based on each customer's requirements. Uniquely track items by a serialized ID or attribute.

Item Masters

All items are defined by an item master representing the part number, SKU, item code, model number, etc.

Reporting by item enables the ability to know the total quantity of the item in your custody or shipped.

Project Infrastructure

Projects support an additional level of reporting and control. The project infrastructure can manage customer contract details and identify the units being tracked based on that.

Unlimited Data Attributes

Define custom data fields based on each type of item. Assign customer-specific attributes to item masters (such as a model or manufacturer), or to individually serialized tools or equipment (such as serial numbers, unit cost), or associate the fields to a transaction event (such as maintenance checklists or notes). 

Nesting Containers

Track items efficiently and group customer items in movable containers. Serialize these containers for quick moves and picks. With support for unlimited locational nesting, items can be received in a box, then put into a carton, and later placed on a pallet for shipping. 

Multiple Ways to Capture Transactions

Update the location, status, custody, or details for your tools and equipment from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Use barcode scanning to make it accurate and effortless.

Access information from powerful grid views, inquiries, or reports.

Gain answers to these critical questions...

Who owns it?

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When managing items for another organization, tracking the ownership is critical. PanatrackerST separates ownership from custodianship to meet the challenge.

Who has it?

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Both you and your customers need to know who is in custody of items you're contracted to manage. Track items within your four walls or assigned to a carrier when in-transit or shipped.

Where's it at?

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Know exactly where to find customer items within your four walls. Define the facility and exact area location to give your customers peace of mind.

What's the status?

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Provide full visibility to the status of managed items. Update details during transactional processes.

Key features of PanatrackerST

  • Unlimited Data Attributes

    Obtain maximum flexibility and define WHAT data to track, HOW to track it and WHEN to capture it.

  • Flexible Item Templates

    Set up different rules on how items are tracked and their corresponding attributes. Templates define what data to record and when to record it, eliminating the guesswork for the person capturing the transaction.

  • Unlimited Locational Nesting

    Group items in serialized movable containers and leverage unlimited nesting capabilities. Nest components within a master unit to build location parent-child relationships.

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  • Track Custody & Ownership

    Add the missing dimension to your item tracking by assigning both custody and ownership. Delegate an employee, customer, vendor, or carrier as custodian of your item.

  • Easy Visibility to Details

    PanatrackerST has multiple dynamic grid views to view the details of the items you track. Access additional information through inquiries and reports.

  • Multiple Ways to Capture Transactions

    Stop updating cumbersome spreadsheets and paper after the fact. Instead, simply record changes to items when and where they occur. Capture transactions using the mobile app or browser interface. Barcode scanning assures efficiency and accuracy.

Consignment and customer inventory

Frequently Asked Questions for Customer Owned Inventory

No. PanatrackerST is only offered as an annual subscription.

PanatrackerST is designed to capture transactions from a cellphone, mobile scanner, tablet, or desktop browser. Mobile devices with dedicated scanners are the recommended option for those performing transactions that require heavy scanning such as order picks, check outs, and check-ins. Accuracy and timeliness are achieved by capturing transactions when you are interacting with the physical item — thus avoiding the errors arising from delayed manual data entry. Therefore, the mobile application is ideal, while the browser interface provides access to grid views and data-dense information.

No. When you are set up as a system user, your login will work for both platforms.

Yes. Users are set up with both an organization role (for the administrative side, such as ability to edit, delete, etc.) and with a team role. Team roles define what transactions can be performed on behalf of the team. In addition, you can assign multiple teams to a user with differing permissions.

They don’t need to be. PanatrackerST offers the flexibility to set up items to be tracked by a unique (serialized) ID or in a quantity by the item number. Rule assignment options provide further configuration flexibility.

PanatrackerST has two distinct sets of users: system users (those that will complete transactions) and community users (those that are custodians of the items tracked in the system). Licensing is based on system users, not community users.

PanatrackerST is an item tracking platform. It isn’t intended for complex pick-and-pack warehouse fulfillment functionality, yet has many supporting features such as receiving, transfers, order picking, serialized movable containers, and shipping. We feel the solution is a great fit for stockrooms, labs, and those managing supply inventory for yourselves or your customers.

We continue to expand PanatrackerST functionality. We are excited to review your requirements further.

Often, organizations that manage customer-owned inventory also manage contract details. The project infrastructure supports setting up those contracts as projects to add another level of visibility and tracking for your organization. Know what units are being managed under what contract and define additional contract details.  Know what units are where for each contract to simplify shipping requests. 

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