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Panatracker keeps track of all of IT.

Whether your staff is working remotely, in the office, or a hybrid, you need visibility – now more than ever – into what you have, who has it and where to find it.  Add barcode asset tags to your tangible assets to simplify check-outs, check-ins, moves, and asset validation.

Our PanatrackerST cloud-based IT asset management software empowers you to track phones, laptops, workstations, printers, peripherals, servers, and anything else critical to your company’s efficiency. Gain control over all your technology assets.

IT Asset Tracking Benefits:

  • Replace cumbersome spreadsheets and paper-based tracking

    Manage items checked out to employees, contractors, and job sites from mobile devices, phones, tables, or the desktop. Easily keep the status, custody and location up to date with a simple scan of a barcode.

  • Track Capitalized and Expensed IT Assets

    Track the expensed IT assets including peripherals, phones, etc., to keep your IT department running smoothly.

  • Track the Important Details of your Assets.

    Using the flexible attribute configurations, track details including warranty end dates, last service date, or updates to IT assets.

  • Track the Assets Owned by Someone Else

    With the ability to track ownership, track assets owned by your customers or vendors within the same system.

  • Associate child component items to a parent item to simplify tracking without giving up visibility.

    Create parent-child relationships such as grouping peripherals to a workstation or tracking memory or installed software to a laptop.

How Panatracker Works to Track IT Assets

PanatrackerST offers all of the standard item tracking functionality needed to meet your IT Assets. 

These include:

  • Assign an asset tag and record the details for newly purchased IT assets.
  • Record moves between areas and transfers across facilities.
  • Complete check out of circulating assets to your employees. Manage deployment of servers and stationary workstations.
  • Define maintenance plans and complete maintenance activities.
  • Complete periodic validation of your IT assets for checked out and available units.


PanatrackerST offers a robust infrastructure to maximize your tracking needs.

Item Templates

Define how to track each type of item. Define attributes and configure rules.

Uniquely track items by a serial number or asset tag.

Track peripherals by quantity versus unique ID.

Item Masters

All items are defined by an item master. This is the part number, SKU, item code, model number, etc., which is how the unit is commonly purchased or requested.

Tracking your items with an item master lets you easily report what you have and how many.

Project Infrastructure

The PanatrackerST project infrastructure can be adopted to track service contracts or to track IT assets purchased as part of a capital project.  Project plans can be defined, and associated units tracked easily. 

The project infrastructure supports flexibility in the way assets are tracked with your financial records.

Unlimited Attributes

Define what data you want to track based on each type of item. Name attributes that make the most sense to your team.

Attributes can be assigned to item masters (standard details such as a model or manufacturer); to individually serialized assets (serial numbers,  warranty end date, MAC address); or associated based on a transaction (maintenance checklists or notes).

Tailor the solution to maximize how your items are tracked.

Financial Cross Reference

Capitalized IT assets are often tracked within your company's financials fixed asset register. Typically, the finance department prefers to setup each record representing a quantity that was purchased. For example, the purchase of 50 new laptops would be set up as a single financial asset record.  Panatrack recognizes the need to keep items independently identified to track the who-what-where of each unit. Financial record IDs can be associated to each unit for your finance department's audit requirements.

In addition, PanatrackerST offers standard features including Place In Service date assignments, Retire and Disposal transactions, along with the ability to set mark units as missing.

Multiple Ways to Capture Transactions

Record transactions to update the location, status, custody, or details for your tools and equipment from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Utilize barcode scanning to make it effortless.

Access details and information from one of the many grid views, inquiries, or reports.

Gain answers to these critical questions...

Who has it?

(find out)

Know who has custody of your IT assets. Capitalized or expensed? Stationary or circulating? Finally gain accountability across your organization and beyond.

Who owns it?

(find out)

Whether your IT assets are owned or leased, careful tracking is a necessity. PanatrackerST records ownership, custodian, and location in a flexible tracking platform.

Where's it at?

(find out)

As remote and hybrid work grows, tracking the location of your IT assets gets tougher. Know the location of loaner assets and what's available for new hires.

What's the status?

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Know what units are checked out or deployed. Track retirement and disposal. Know the status of all your IT assets.

What's next for it?

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Set up periodic maintenance schedules and checklists for your IT assets. Keep important items in tip-top shape. 

Key features of PanatrackerST

  • Unlimited Data Attributes

    Obtain maximum flexibility and define WHAT data to track, HOW to track it and WHEN to capture it.

  • Flexible Item Templates

    Set up different rules on how items are tracked and their corresponding attributes. Templates define what data to record and when to record it, eliminating the guesswork for the person capturing the transaction.

  • Unlimited Locational Nesting

    Group items in serialized movable containers and leverage unlimited nesting capabilities. Nest components within a master unit to build location parent-child relationships.

PanatrackerST mobile
  • Track Custody & Ownership

    Add the missing dimension to your item tracking by assigning both custody and ownership. Delegate an employee, customer, vendor, or carrier as custodian of your item.

  • Easy Visibility to Details

    PanatrackerST has multiple dynamic grid views to view the details of the items you track. Access additional information through inquiries and reports.

  • Multiple Ways to Capture Transactions

    Stop updating cumbersome spreadsheets and paper after the fact. Instead, simply record changes to items when and where they occur. Capture transactions using the mobile app or browser interface. Barcode scanning assures efficiency and accuracy.

IT Asset

Frequently Asked Questions for I.T. Assets

No. PanatrackerST is only offered as an annual subscription.
PanatrackerST is designed to support capturing transactions from a mobile application, a tablet, or from your desktop through the browser interface. Mobile devices with dedicated scanners are the recommended option for those performing transactions that require heavy scanning (such as order picks, check outs, and check ins). The goal of the solution is to provide the ability to capture the transactions when you are standing in front of the item. Therefore, the mobile application is ideal. Our browser interface provides access to grid views, orders, and more data-dense information.
No. When you are set up as a system user, your login will work for both platforms.
Yes. Users are set up with both an organization role (for the administrative side, such as ability to edit, delete, etc.) and with a team role. Team roles define what transactions can be performed on behalf of the team. In addition, you can assign multiple teams to a user with different permissions.
They don’t need to be. PanatrackerST offers the flexibility to set up items to be tracked by a unique (serialized) ID or in a quantity by the item number. Rule assignment options provide further configuration flexibility.
Yes. PanatrackerST uses Item Templates to define different types or categories of items and how they should be tracked in the system. You can track assets, tools, and equipment along with consumables and supplies all within the same system.

Yes. Assets and IT items and supplies can be checked out to your remote workforce. If you prefer, you can set up a location for each of your employees to track the items with a deployed or available status versus checked. Based on either option, reports can easily be created, and validations can be completed specifically to each employee.

Track anything that makes sense for your organization. Our flexible platform supports the ability to track different types of assets:  capitalized or expensed. In addition, you can set up inventory, consumables or supplies to track in the system. Other departments of your organization can track their assets within the same system.  Capture different information and assign different rules. 

Ownership often has financial impact related to fixed assets when an organization has multiple branches or locations. The asset may be owned by one team but in the custody of another team. Ownership adds another layer of tracking for items loaned to customers or sent out to a vendor for repair.

We also offer the ability to set the ownership to the organization versus individual team. Being able to provide this flexibility will maximize the options to track items to the detail level needed for any organization.

Yes. PanatrackerGP is ideal when your tracking needs for assets fit into Dynamics GP’s limitations. If you are looking to expand to a more flexible solution option, PanatrackerST is the ideal option to explore. Changing to a different ERP? Whatever your needs, let’s talk!

PanatrackerST was designed to track tangible details about items and do it well. Often financial fixed asset records represent a summary of multiple items purchased and received or placed in service the same day. They are not designed to track assets individually or support separation from making updates outside of the financial system. We have designed ways to associate the individual records to your financial records and leave the accounting stuff to the finance office. 

We are continually adding features and functionality and adding financial components to the system is certainly on the list. Give us a call to chat about this more.

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