Distributors Win with Batch Pick using PanatrackerGP!

PanatrackerGP for Distribution Management is one of the most popular solutions we implement. Any organization that sells and ships products to customers can enhance their operation through the use of barcoding and the elimination of paper-based tracking. With clients handling the distribution of items from shampoo to beer, and pastries to crickets, the spectrum of users is diverse; one thing they all have in common is the reliance on Panatrack and barcodes to keep customer satisfaction at an all-time high. Two of the standout features in the Distribution Management Solution are Assign Tracking and Batch Pick.

Assign Tracking

The Panatrack Assign Tracking transaction is a feature released for customers who are not using an integrated shipping solution and desire the ability to capture shipping information on the handheld scanners. In addition to capturing details such as carrier, shipping method, tracking number, and box ID, this transaction can also record a signature for customer or courier pick up. All this information is connected to the order ID in Dynamics GP in real time and available for future reporting. Learn more about Multiple Bin Tracking here.

Batch Pick

Batch Pick for order fulfillment is a transaction that allows a customer to pick multiple orders or transfers as part of a single picklist. This transaction still maintains defined individual order quantities through the process, ensuring that the picker has easy to follow instructions and can accurately fulfill the orders. This transaction allows users to pick line items into individual buckets or boxes and validate at the same time. Completing multiple transfers and orders in a single batch or wave increases not only efficiency but accuracy as well.

Real World Results

Panatrack has a client who reported drastic increases in shipping times resulting from the use of the batch pick transaction. Not only does the metric of 97% of orders shipping the same day look good, but customer satisfaction increased even higher as the number of mis-shipments drastically reduced to nearly 0. This customer was able to reduce their order processing time from 3 days on average, while increasing the accuracy of order fulfillment using scanners and removing the reliance on paper pick sheets.

Before implementing Panatrack the client would print orders on pick sheets at the end of the day, these would then be passed to the warehouse and sorted by a manager to distribute to pickers. These pickers then moved one by one throughout the facility and pull items to a box based on the pick list and their eyes. As one order was completed, the employee dropped the box off and began anew. With Panatrack, orders are sorted in the Panatrack portal and assigned to each employee. On the scanner, the users are presented with multiple orders assigned to boxes on a cart. They move through the warehouse filling the orders on the scanner and placing items into the correct box. Every step of this process is confirmed with a barcode scan, and up to 6 orders can be filled on one trip through the facility.

To learn more about how your organization can use the Panatrack Distribution Management Solution and the Batch Pick transaction, Contact Panatrack and schedule a free web demo today.

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