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As business have become more concerned about the spread of viruses amongst staff, Panatrack users have been requesting information on the proper process to disinfect and prep their equipment. This post is intended to serve as a general guideline for proper device care. For device-specific instructions, you can find manufacturer details online from Zebra or a list of many scanners including Honeywell here. Ensuring that your team is operating in the safest environment possible means that all surfaces must be regularly cleaned and maintained. When it comes to mobile computers that are shared amongst a team, proper cleaning procedure goes a long way. Of course, shifts should always begin and end with clean, washed hands.


Disinfecting is the keyword in today’s process, this is defined by the CDC as killing germs on surfaces or objects. “Disinfecting works by using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces or objects. This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs, but by killing germs on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.” While there is no one size fits all chemical for these uses, Panatrack recommends the use of an Isopropyl Alcohol solution (70%) and a clean lint-free rag or purpose-made alcohol wipes. It is important to note that housings and materials on your scanners can be damaged by using harsh chemicals.

How To

Power your device off and leave the battery in place. Apply the solution to a rag or towel and use this to wipe the entirety of the device. Liquid should never be sprayed or poured onto the scanners nor should it be allowed to pool up. If using wipes of any sort pay attention to the instructions from the manufacturer for proper use. When wiping down devices, cotton swabs can be used to ensure the small areas between the keys are properly addressed. The display can be wiped with alcohol as well but should be dried with a nonabrasive, soft cloth. The scanner should be allowed to air dry and the alcohol to evaporate. Cleaners include a contact time that is most effective for disinfection on the packaging, follow this direction before powering the device on. Many Isopropyl solutions recommend ten minutes, which is a great opportunity to let the device charge before using it again. This process should be undertaken after use, as well as when the device is changes hands for example during a shift change.


Device manufacturers caution that companies do not use harsh chemicals on the devices this can include hospital grade disinfectants. See your owner’s manual or consult Panatrack. Chemicals known to damage the device housing include but are not limited to: ammonia solutions, compounds of amines or ammonia; acetone; ketones; ethers; aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons; acqueous or alcoholic alkaline solutions; ethanolamine; toluene; trichloroethylene; benzene; carbolic acid and TB-lysoform. The use of Hospital Grade disinfectants is allowable for the Healthcare specific devices such as the TC52HC. Do not clean the device or expose it to water when the battery or battery cover is removed.

Zebra Device Cleaning Poster

For any questions regarding device handling or care, consult your owner’s manual, the resources provided above, or contact Panatrack.

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