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Leveraging Alternate Item Numbers In Dynamics GP

Leveraging Alternate Item Numbers in Dynamics GP

GP users preparing to select PanatrackerGP as their warehouse management system always have a similar question. “How can I use the barcodes already on my products?” A little-known feature called ‘Alternate Manufacturer Item Number’ within Dynamics GP unlocks these capabilities and streamlines the inventory management process. This feature is an excellent tool for distributors, contractors, or manufactures who receive inventory with a UPC or another supplier applied label. Distributors will often have internal part numbers that differ from a UPC (Universal Product Code) or may use generic parts from a variety of vendors. In both cases, PanatrackerGP can scan a barcode and populate the GP item number in real time.

Alternate Item Numbers in Your Warehouse

Manufactures often receive raw materials from a variety of vendors, which is then tracked as a single item in GP. For example, a food manufacturer may receive bulk fruit from three vendors or an electronics producer who buys capacitors from more than one supplier. These businesses do not want multiple identical items being tracked and used on BOMS, projects, or sales orders. HVAC and other Mechanical contractors frequently purchase parts for repairs from national and local companies that are considered identical for field use. By maintaining a smaller selection of items in GP, these companies are increasing the ability to track inventory accurately.

Unit of Measure

In addition to using supplier barcodes or registered UPCs, PanatrackerGP allows companies to leverage the Units of Measure capabilities in Dynamics GP fully. Items that are tracked by the individual and the case quantity will have different barcodes applied to the packaging; take for example a case of water at the grocery store; the bottle has a barcode that is different from the barcode printed on the plastic packaging. The first barcode is assigned to the ‘Each' UoM, and the second barcode can is attached to the ‘Case' UoM. This allows the correct Unit of Measure to be selected automatically on inventory transactions.

Other Item Number Features:

  • Assign barcode at PO receipt
  • Display primary alternate item number on sales order pick list
  • UPC and GTIN UOM Capabilities
  • Advanced label and item number encoding utilizing Panacode
  • Validate transactions with Alternate Item Numbers

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Director of Product Strategy Pam Burnham reviews this important feature in the video below.

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