Leveraging Alternate Item Numbers in Dynamics GP

You have defined and created an item numbering system in your Dynamics GP database. You are now looking to invest in a barcode data capture solution. Suddenly you realize that many of the items you receive from your vendors already have a barcode. But their barcode number is not the same as the item number you are assigning. 

Vendor and Manufacturer Item Number Setup

Dynamics GP already has a couple of options for you to store alternate item numbers.  You can store item numbers for each vendor when you associate the item with the vendor. There is also a Manufacturer Item Number table and window to associate item numbers for manufacturers or other sources.

Unfortunately, the vendor item number is only available on PO receiving. However, Panatrack has added the ability to translate any manufacturer item number setup in GP to your GP item number when using the PanatrackerGP mobile app. 

We have a transaction that supports the ability for you to create associations. You can also make the association as part of the receiving process.  If scanning a vendor item number, we will add those automatically to the same manufacturer item number table. In addition, we maintain a log of associations created that can easily be reviewed in our logging database.  

Unit of Measure Association

It is not uncommon to have item numbers associated with a specific unit of measure. For example, a UPC code for a case may be different than the UPC code for a pallet of the same product.  You can setup different item numbers in your system representing the same. But for some organizations, they want to track the inventory in one base unit of measure regardless of the packaging UOM.  For this case, we have created an extension to the Manufacturer Item Number table to associate the unit of measure with the specific item number. When scanned in our application, the translation occurs to your item number along with the associated unit of measure based on the number scanned.  Another great inventory management tool that still allows you to maintain Dynamics GP as your host inventory database.

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