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Gain confidence in your fixed assets ledger by using barcode technology.

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True asset control for Dynamics GP.

When you think about fixed assets, you might think about the financial side of fixed asset tracking — acquisition cost, depreciation schedules, retirement, and disposals. However, auditors also want to verify that the assets you own are still around. Your organization also wants to keep tabs on the whereabouts of both capitalized and expensed assets. Physical tracking is as important as fiscal tracking, isn’t it?

PanatrackerGP’s Fixed Assets module was specifically developed to support Microsoft Dynamics GP. Using a mobile device, you can extend the ability to keep custody, location, or other physical details up to date. With barcoded asset tags, this process becomes foolproof. Even better, our transactions update your Dynamics GP Fixed Assets records without risking access to financial data.

Key Benefits of PanatrackerGP for Fixed Assets

Accurate fixed asset accounting records are essential for financial reporting, tax filing, and even obtaining credit, which is why so many businesses across a variety of industries invest in Dynamics GP. Adding PanatrackerGP on top of MS Dynamics GP effectively closes the gap between fixed asset accounting and the tracking of the physical assets themselves, giving you Dynamics GP fixed assets records you can trust. (And fixed assets you can actually find.)

  • Enhance Productivity

    Give your workforce access to your fixed assets' physical details and provide the ability to continue to keep them up to date.

  • Increase Efficiency

    Empower your staff to capture and submit data from mobile devices using barcode technology at the point the asset is being updated.

  • Remove Reliance on Paper-Based Tracking

    Paper-based tracking is redundant and vulnerable to incorrect and incomplete update of your data. Eliminate paper forms and spreadsheets that require secondary updates to your Dynamics GP database.

  • Real-Time Verification

    Eliminate errors due to poor handwriting and delayed data entry. Validate your asset transactions in real-time and get them right the first time.

  • Fast Configuration

    Your Dynamics GP database is the PanatrackerGP database. Our plug-and-play solution is implemented quickly.

PanatrackerGP will have an immediate and measurable impact on your business. Learn more today with a demonstration.

Fixed asset opportunities

Barcode Transactions for Dynamics GP Fixed Assets

Your Fixed Assets database likely already exists in Microsoft Dynamics GP. PanatrackerGP allows you to take control of what your company owns, who has it, and where it is. If your assets are already set up as unique records in MS Dynamics GP, you can easily plug in PanatrackerGP to capture activity when they move an asset. Then, periodically validate the asset still exists without having to log into your Dynamics GP financials.

It starts by adding a barcode asset tag to your fixed assets. Next, add PanatrackerGP, a mobile solution that extends your Dynamics GP Fixed Asset module. Using a handheld computer or supported cellphone, PanatrackerGP provides the easy-to-use capability to quickly scan the asset tag to update the Fixed Asset record in MS Dynamics GP.

With PanatrackerGP, you can receive and create new assets, update existing asset locations and assignments, and validate asset locations. PanatrackerGP offers barcoded data capture for asset management tasks. By using a mobile device, you can put the ability to update and validate asset details in the hands of your team — without requiring them to access the GP financials.

Add New Asset

Tag, scan, and record key asset details for new acquisitions. Add serial number, description, starting location, and more.

Automatically create the corresponding asset record in Dynamics GP where the financial data can then be updated by the finance team.


Associate Asset

If you need to associate asset tags to your existing assets or need to replace a tag, the Associate Asset transaction makes it easy.

Easily filter large datasets to find the asset by serial number to easy correlation.

Update Asset

Keep location, custodian, or other physical details in sync with reality by efficiently updating your assets using the Update Asset transaction. 

Updates can be performed at the point and time the change occurs, without having to log into GP financials.

Group Assets

Group assets together to streamline your financial setup using the Dynamics GP Mass Change transaction.

Ideal for streamlining initial setup, grouping assets that are being disposed of or retired, and performing intercompany transfers.

Validate Asset

Complete validation of assets by location, custodian, or master asset association.

PanatrackerGP adds a full audit history of asset validations to make your auditors happy.

Assets discovered in the incorrect location are automatically updated with the correct location.

When transactions are submitted in PanatrackerGP, the Fixed Asset data is updated automatically in the Dynamics GP database.

Looking to Separate Your Financial Tracking?

Not every organization wants capital assets or expensed assets tracked as individual units for their financial recordkeeping. 

Dynamics GP only supports limited physical attributes for assets being tracked in the system without offering an alternative to tailor what information gets tracked against each type of asset. 

Often individual unit assets are tracked and maintained in spreadsheets and risk having the related data be out-of-date.

If you need more flexibility than you can achieve in Dynamics GP to manage and control your assets (capitalized or expensed), we have a great solution. Take a look at our PanatrackerST solution for a highly flexible asset tracking platform.

FAQs – PanatrackerGP Fixed Assets

PanatrackerGP enables real-time validation and updates to GP by operating over a wireless network. Data captured from PanatrackerGP updates the Fixed Asset record in GP and is also logged in detail to provide full transaction accountability.

We use state-of-the-art secure remote support tools to allow us to work with you to gain access to your system. We install the server component and then assist you throughout the installation of the mobile application. Next, we train your team and stand ready to assist you as needed.

PanatrackerGP uses Microsoft eConnect to record asset record updates in Dynamics GP.

Yes. To use PanatrackerGP, you must have your fixed asset records setup to be one-to-one (each record represents a quantity of 1). PanatrackerGP uses the Asset Label, which is the unique ID for each unit tracked in the system (typically represents the Asset Tag). 

To keep your financial asset records grouped in a quantity, we suggest evaluating our PanatrackerST Fixed Asset solution. This solution will add the individual unit tracking with the ability to retain a link to the financial asset record.

If your finance team prefers to not have their fixed asset financials cluttered with individual records, we recommend reviewing our PanatrackerST Fixed Asset solution.

Yes. An asset record will need to be created for each individual asset you want to track. Set up the record with a class assignment that represents ‘expensed’ assets and that can be excluded from depreciation updates.  Check with your finance team. They may not be excited to have the fixed asset financial records cluttered with these types of assets. If this is the case, you may want to check out our PanatrackerST solution.

Panatrack recommends using pre-printed asset tags from a vendor such as Metalcraft (  Typically, you will want your asset tags to be made of a more durable material to last as long as your asset lasts. There are many options for materials depending on the type of assets you need to tag. By using a pre-printed tag, you can easily tag the asset and then capture the associated details.  Automated printing often leads to additional work trying to match up the asset tag to the right asset in a second step.  However, you certainly can purchase a barcode label printer and a durable label stock to pre-print your own.

If you already have an asset label assignment on your asset records in Dynamics GP, but the asset ID is not currently associated to the actual asset, we recommend creating a spreadsheet of the existing asset IDs (Smartlist works well for this) and sending it to be printed by an asset tag manufacturer. If you invested in a barcode printer and durable label stock, you could use label printing software to print the asset tags yourself. (Don’t worry — we’ll help you sort this out.)

Your setup will depend on how you treat the asset for depreciation, etc. But the short answer is yes. You would be able to set up ‘component’ assets and then use the Master Asset ID field on your asset record to associate. In that case, the location and custodian would not be tracked on the component as they would inherit from the master. This option works but can be a bit tricky.

If you are tracking a lot of ‘builds’ where you want to track returnable components to a master asset, you may want to evaluate our PanatrackerST solution. Because we are not using the GP fixed asset infrastructure for the actual tracking logic of the assets, there is greater flexibility in how you track them. PanatrackerST has a dedicated ‘Build’ infrastructure and the ability to easily track this type of asset management natively. The internal record ID assignment in PanatrackerST can tie together your financial records to the individual assets.

No, not if they are doing just the physical tracking of the assets and do not need to access reports or the actual asset record itself. If the user needs additional access, they may need access to Dynamics GP.

No. PanatrackerGP solution is only for mobile devices. Complete changes to your assets from the desktop directly in Dynamics GP.

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Why choose Panatrack?

  • Smart

    Gain much more value from Microsoft Dynamics GP! We understand Dynamics GP and will help you leverage your system to achieve inventory and asset control.

  • Economical

    We leverage your investment in Dynamics GP by using it as the single source of truth. We eliminate the overhead of reconciling yet another system.

  • Intuitive

    If software isn't intuitive and easy to use, your users will resist using it. We give your users a simple way to capture transactions and escape the complexities of Dynamics GP.

  • Growth-ready

    Start simply with your current Dynamics GP setup and gain immediate benefits. Unlock additional features and functionality as your tracking needs evolve.

  • Scalable

    PanatrackerGP is highly scalable. Whether you have one user or hundreds of users, powerful configurations enable you to tailor the system to fit your tracking needs.

  • Immediate

    Capture the transactions at the point and time they occur to achieve real-time updates in Dynamics GP. Avoid "paperwork lag" and obtain accuracy numbers immediately.