VIDEO: Alternate Item Number in Microsoft Dynamics® GP

Even serious Dynamics GP geeks may not be familiar with the Alternate Item Number feature. This is a little-known feature that is important for companies who need to track, for instance, a part number or UPC from their supplier and associate it with their own part numbering system.
Why is this feature so cool?
Because many manufacturers and distributors take in inventory that already has their supplier’s barcoded UPC number either on the packaging or on the inventory itself. So it is a real coup if they can implement an inventory barcode solution that provides the ability to use these barcodes as an option to capture your inventory transactions by relating that manufacturer UPC to their internal Dynamics GP item number. Many items may also have a UPC representing a case and another representing a single unit, but through this feature they can all be associated to the same product, or internal item number in Dynamics GP. In PanatrackerGP, users also have the option to display a primary manufacturer item in the sales order pick list which also often aids those handling the inventory with another cross reference. PanatrackerGP offers additional support for this feature by:
  • Handling the association of an item number that doesn’t exist at the time of receiving.
  • Displaying a primary alternate item number on sales order pick lists for additional reference from the users.
  • For organizations where a UPC or GTIN is specific to a package or unit of measure, providing the ability to assign the unit of measure in the setup so it can be automatically populated on the inventory transactions when scanned.
Check out this video featuring our resident Dynamics GP expert Pam Burnham for a quick look at how this important feature carries over to PanatrackerGP through our Manufacturer Item Cross Reference tool.
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