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Extend Microsoft Dynamics® GP for powerful WMS and effective inventory control

An inventory management add-on that is simple to use but also feature-rich.

Inventory Tracking & WMS for Dynamics GP

Regardless of whether you are looking for basic stockroom inventory control or a more complex Warehouse Management System (WMS), PanatrackerGP can be configured to meet your needs. Using Microsoft Dynamics GP as the host database, we have created an extremely flexible and scalable embedded inventory solution. PanatrackerGP extends Dynamics GP to handheld computers with integrated barcode scanners adding a tool for your workforce to quickly capture the inventory transactions at the point and time they occur. Barcode item labels can be printed automatically to drive efficiencies throughout the life of the inventory. Data is validated against the host Dynamics GP database in real time to eliminate errors.  Transactions are immediately created or updated in Dynamics GP eliminating duplicated efforts and delays with manual key entry.

By selecting Panatrack, you will not only get an efficient data capture tool but the expertise to turn your Dynamics GP investment into an inventory management system. Panatrack's team understands inventory tracking best practices and can unlock the robust inventory functionality within your Dynamics GP system providing a true integrated inventory solution.

Without the need to duplicate setup of your inventory in a separate system, you can get started quickly. Why not take immediate steps to prepare for more efficient inventory control?  With our quick roll-out you can start receiving and barcoding your inventory and start the transition for your workforce to the tools they will be using. Continue to evaluate, plan and execute a complete inventory management system with the guidance and assistance of the Panatrack team.

Who Needs PanatrackerGP?

  • Companies managing stockroom inventory with stock parts or supply inventory issued for internal use to a departments, jobs, service projects, or maintenance activity. These companies may benefit from our integrations with GP Project Accounting, Olympic Project Cost and Wennsoft.
  • Distributors receiving and stocking inventory to fill customer orders. We offer standard order fulfillment features as well as more complex pick and pack process options with an integration infrastructure for seamless hand-off to shipping and EDI solutions.
  • Retail organizations maintaining stock levels for satellite locations from centralized warehouse locations.
  • Manufacturers ranging from those engaged in simple assembly to standard manufacturing inventory steps of raw material issue and finished goods receiving. PanatrackerGP integrates with GP Assembly, GP Manufacturing and popular extensions including Vicinity and Horizon Manufacturing.

Inventory Management Transactions

Core Inventory Functionality to Advanced WMS

  • Start with PanatrackerGP Core Inventory. Everyone who has inventory needs to complete adds, moves, and counts. We bundle these core features as the starting point for your inventory management system. Core inventory transactions include Receiving, Adjustments, Site Transfers, Bin Moves (when using multi-bins), and Stock Count.
  • Add additional features such as Order Fulfillment, Pick and Pack, Automated Label Printing, Assembly, and Project Accounting Transfers. Advanced features include Directed Transfer, Advance Ship Notice (ASN) Receiving, Shipping Integration, and Manufacturing with support for Dynamics GP, Vicinity and Horizon.
  • The Panatracker Dashboard supports administrative activities including configuration settings, user and device management, and a transaction logging infrastructure for audit and reporting support.
  • A robust solution doesn’t need to be complex for the users. PanatrackerGP has an intuitive, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use interface for both simple and advanced features.
Core Functionality


Accurately record and label inventory with real-time validation against purchase orders.


Record adjustments supporting issue to and returns from departments, jobs or projects or complete miscellaneous adjustments.

Site Transfer

Track changes in inventory location with optional printing for re-packaging of items and destination labeling.

Stock Count

Quickly record accurate stock counts. Includes spot count feature for single-item verification by location.

Vendor Return

Identify and track inventory returned to the vendor. Additional reason code assignment adds valuable reporting.

Bin Move

Enhance tracking with GP multi-bin tracking. Enables bin-to-bin move transactions including directed put away and item bin moves.

Associate Manufacturing Item

Assign alternate barcode item numbers from manufacturers to cross-reference with your GP item number. Adds support of barcode scanning using the cross-reference numbers across the Panatracker application.

Query Inventory

Look up item quantities by site and bin location. Displays both on hand and available inventory with access to review serial and lot details.
Order Fulfillment

Fulfill Order

Manage order fulfillment with a directed pick list. Update the sales order with quantity and details actually picked.

Batch Pick

Streamline multiple orders to a single picklist with individual order quantities defined.

Assign Tracking Details

Associate tracking and bill of lading details to your orders to facilitate truck loading or customer pick-up.

Verify Order

For orders fulfilled to completion, add verification and pack function for increased accuracy.


As the first step to a 2-step pick and pack process, complete the pick from stocking location using a directed pick list. Transaction moves inventory from the stock location to a staging or pick bin location.


As the second step to a 2-step pick and pack process, complete the sales order fulfillment activity with a pack completed from the staging or pick bin location.
Other Modules


Capture components from a bill of materials, print assembled item labels and create the assembly transaction in GP.

ASN Receiving

Advance Ship Notice to automate receiving from trusted sources via Inbound Vendor Shipment infrastructure.


Capture inventory transactions for manufacturing with integrations to Vicinity, GP and Horizon Manufacturing.

Directed Transfer

Simplify restock picks using directed pick lists. Expand tracking with “via” sites and recording transfers at the destination site.

Project Accounting Transfer

Boost efficiency by capturing and assigning inventory transactions to projects using a barcode scan.

Sales Order Entry and Edit

Create new sales transactions, and use configuration options to and add or edit existing orders.

Key2Act Integration

Select a service or job activity on inventory adjustments and receive items on a service job or P.O.

Why Choose Panatrack?

  • Smart

    You’ll get more from Microsoft Dynamics GP! We understand Dynamics GP almost as well as our own products, and can help you leverage your systems to achieve your inventory control goals.

  • Economical

    We leverage inventory management functionality you already have in Dynamics GP so you are not paying twice for the same functionality or struggling to reconcile two systems. We then augment it with powerful data capture and inventory management extensions.

  • Intuitive

    PanatrackerGP's interface is modern, attractive and intuitive. We know that unless software is intuitive, end users will resist using it. So it is crucial that PanatrackerGP is good-looking and easy-to-learn.

  • Growth-Ready

    PanatrackerGP grows with you! Your requests for new functionality and features will be added to our product roadmap for the standard product.

  • Scalable

    Impelement a bit at a time or all at once! Our flexible infrastructure and licensing mean PanatrackerGP lets you scale effortlessly. Start with basic data capture and add more advanced Panatrack modules over time. Or bolt from the gate with an advanced solution!

  • Real-Time

    PanatrackerGP usesDynamics GP as its data master, so each transaction appears in GP as it occurs. This gives you real-time visibility and control and eliminates the uncertainty and hassles of data reconciliation and integration costs.

Data Sheets

Inventory Management Brochure

Find out how PanatrackerGP can extend Dynamics GP into a WMS

Zebra CK3X Data Sheet

Learn about a preferred device for inventory management.

Solution Overview

Learn about other solutions offered by Panatrack.

What Our Customers Say
  • icon


    “By the time the product arrives, it’s already been captured in our system. This capability is expected to save the company thousands of dollars per year.”

    – Ed Eissenstat
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  • icon

    Faribault Woolen Mill Co.

    “Panatrack has a unique understanding of the business side of things as well as IT so they have helped us transition our culture and run a more efficient and accurate manufacturing business. We trust them immensely.”

    – Carmen Dorr
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    Specialty A/C Products

    “PanatrackerGP worked so well right out of the box…and worked exactly the way we needed it to. The improvements were immediate and we have been thrilled with both the solution and Panatrack’s caring support team.”

    – Pat Santana
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    American Contract Systems

    “We appreciate working with Panatrack. With a decision to switch WMS systems, we had an unusual and immediate Go-Live implementation. Everyone at Panatrack was willing to jump in and get us running quickly during the transition. Panatrack’s understanding of Microsoft Dynamics is very reassuring and we look forward to a great partnership in the future. It’s so refreshing to find a company similar to ours where the customer is the number one priority, and your team does whatever it takes to get issues resolved.”

    – Heather Myers

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