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PanatrackerGP Fixed Asset Tracking

For Microsoft Dynamics® GP

Master Microsoft Dynamics GP Fixed Asset Management.

Do you have assets that are assigned or checked out to employees, projects, jobs, customers or vendors? Do you have assets that move between physical locations? Do you need to validate that you still have the assets that are on your books and are in the physical location defined?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then physically tracking your assets is just as important as financial management.  Adding a barcode asset tag to those assets that may travel or are checked in and out is your first step to asset tracking. Next, add PanatrackerGP, a mobile solution that extends your Dynamics GP Fixed Asset module. Using a handheld computer, PanatrackerGP provides an easy-to-use interface to quickly scan the asset tag to update the fixed asset database in Dynamics GP. Receive and create new assets, update existing asset location or assignments, or confirm asset location. Our unique platform allows you to synchronize details to the mobile computer and take it with you, which is ideal for fixed asset management in environments with poor or spotty connectivity.

PanatrackerGP supports data capture for asset management tasks including:

  • Add New Asset Record:  Tag and scan a unique asset identification label for each asset and capture key physical details about that asset. Automatically create the corresponding asset record in GP where the financial data can then be added. If using purchase orders in GP, add the bonus of automatically creating the receiving transaction.
  • Update Asset: Update the asset record assignments for location, custodian, master asset ID, or the user definable fields used for additional asset tracking.
  • Assign Asset Label ID:  For existing assets in your Dynamics GP database, add the unique Asset Label ID.
  • Physical Inventory – Validate Asset: This transaction validates the current asset location. The PIN and validate dates are updated on the asset record. An asset discovered in the incorrect location can be automatically updated with the correct current location during the validation. A Smart List within Dynamics GP can be created for reporting.
  • Assign/Edit Group ID. Group assets for handling within the Mass Update transactions in GP. Ideal for grouping assets that are being disposed or retired, for intercompany transfers or to streamline initial setup.

When transactions are submitted, the Fixed Asset data is updated automatically in the Dynamics ® GP database. Your database of Fixed Assets already exists in GP, and it makes sense to use PanatrackerGP to take control of what your company owns, who has it, and where it is. Because your fixed assets are managed within a single database, you can then set up Smart Lists in Dynamics for handling your reporting requirements.

Accurate fixed asset accounting records are essential for financial reporting, tax filing and even obtaining credit. That is why tens of thousands of companies, from healthcare and medical equipment providers to city governments chose Dynamics GP. PanatrackerGP closes the gap between fixed asset accounting and the tracking the physical assets themselves, giving you fixed asset records you can trust.

Fixed Asset Transactions

Add New Asset

Tag, scan and record key asset details. Add the serial number, description, starting location and more. Create the associated receiving transaction in Dynamics GP.

Associate Asset

A tool to associate the barcode asset tag to your existing asset records in Dynamics GP and and filter the asset list by location, class assignment or serial number.

Update Asset

Assign or re-assign who has an asset and where is it located. User-defined fields offer additional tracking options.

Assign Group ID

Group assets together to streamline financial setup using the Mass Change transaction. Ideal for supporting Intercompany Transfers and asset retirement.

Validate Asset

Complete a physical inventory of your assets. Confirm assets' physical location, custodian or master asset.
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