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Item Tracking for Projects & Jobs

Are you looking for continued visibility of items expensed directly to projects and jobs?

Do you have a mix of returnable and consumable items that require tracking from stockroom to job site?

Would you like greater visibility of items from staging, in-transit, to receipt at the destination?

PanatrackerST tracks location, custody, and ownership of the items that you need to track. For organizations that purchase items specifically for projects and jobs, those items are directly expensed upon receipt resulting in lost visibility beyond that point. PanatrackerST is an ideal option to pick up tracking of the items through final issue at the job or project site.

In addition to consumable items, PanatrackerST can also manage tracking circulating assets within the same infrastructure. Items can be setup as returnable but moved, transferred, or shipped in the same way as consumable items.

PanatrackerST is a highly flexible platform with the ability to capture transactions from desktop, tablets, or mobile devices providing access to those that need it, where they need it. The infrastructure includes:

  • Unlimited attributes. Define what data you need to capture and when you need to capture it.
  • Template setup for items and containers to manage different tracking requirements for different categories of items.
  • Project infrastructure with the ability allocate, re-allocate, and pick orders for specified projects or jobs.
  • An API-driven infrastructure to support your integration requirements.

PanatrackerST is a great extension to your project and job management or can be setup to add this additional tracking requirement to your infrastructure.

Feature Highlights

Building on the PanatrackerST core functionality, the PanatrackerST Item Tracking for Projects and Jobs adds the following.

Unlimited Attributes

Define the data that needs to be captured and when to capture it. Different item templates for inventory and assets adds maximum flexibility.


Setup transfer orders with directed picks. Transfer to the truck or van, ship to job sites or plant locations.

Record Usage to the Project or Job

Record usage of items at the point and time they are actually consumed as part of the project or job.

Allocate to Project

Receive items specifically for a project or add an allocation to the project in a later step. Unassign or re-assign items as needed and complete moves to other areas or containers in the same step. Support visibility of all items allocated to the project.


Receive Transfer

Provide a simple way to receive in-transit shipments at the destination location. Options to change the status back to available or to mark received units as consumed.

Check Out Tools and Equipment

Add the tracking of assets such as tools and equipment with options to record check out and check in to employees or the job site.

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