Guest Blog: Why We Never Allow Our Dynamics GP Clients to Skip the Testing Phase

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Why We Never Allow Our Dynamic GP Clients to Skip The Testing Phase

We (Dexpro Dynamics) are not flexible about this. We will not allow our clients to skip the testing phase of a Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation.

Testing is a technical process, but it also is the best way to make the end-user more comfortable and confident using the new system.

Testing is a key success factor for user adoption.

At the end of testing, we require a sign-off. Once the users realize they have to sign their name to show it has been completed, they know they have to take ownership. They can not just say it is done and then complain about it later by submitting support requests that cost the company money.

For upgrades, we require users to follow test scripts for all the functionality of the new version of Dynamics GP that they will be using. Not only do they discover new things that came with the upgrade, but they can even discover things that have been in Dynamics GP for years, and they have not been using.  Testing helps users to enjoy using the new system.

ERP projects fail when there was not enough testing.

I believe our team is better than most at calling a client and telling them the truth even if it is painful to hear. They need to know, “this is your reality.”

Instead of just waiting and leaving the ball in the client’s court, one of our consultants checks the testing platform’s logins. If the testing was supposed to be done on Tuesday, and we do not see any logins by Thursday, they will get an email from me. I have done it more than once during an implementation.

If it is still not done, I have to have a direct conversation and say, “Your project will fail. You want us to stick to the budget and the deadline, you have to help me get your team on board to test.” I have done it more than once during an implementation. This usually wakes people up because they do not want to be over budget.

About Dexpro

Dexpro is a Silver Microsoft Partner specializing in Dynamics ERP/CRM solutions, both on premises and in the cloud. Companies rely on us to implement new solutions as well as to simplify and support complex systems including integrations, migrations, and cloud solutions. We focus on Microsoft Dynamics GP as well as CRM/D365 and are comprised of experienced senior level consultants with a long history in all areas of Dynamics GP. Many of our consultants teach workshops at Microsoft conferences or have written books about Dynamics GP solutions. Our experience combined with our ability to offer personalized attention is what sets us apart.

Why Dexpro?

If you are evaluating ERP systems, let’s start a conversation. I will give you honest answers that will ensure a successful project.

ContactDexpro Dynamics at 312-801-5070 or

By Marlena Stark, President, Dexpro Dynamics, Microsoft Dynamics GP Silver Competency Partner,

Post prepared in partnership with Panatrack to support the GP Community.

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