How does Microsoft Dynamics GP & Panatrack work together to track your assets?

Microsoft Dynamics GP has a Fixed Asset module that provides a company with a simple way to track their assets.  Did you know that GP can also track the physical details of your assets as well as financial?  As a standard, the asset record includes Location, Physical Location, Structure (often used to identify a department), and Custodian Assignment.  In addition to these standard fields, there are 15 user fields that can be defined on a company level.  Up to four fields can be set in a date format and 10 out of the 15 fields can have associated look up lists defined.  The last 5 fields are currency fields for additional financial tracking.

Assets user data

These user fields can be used to track additional characteristics of an asset.  Some examples include details such as storage capacity or operating system for a computer.  Additional location level tracking can be defined.  Set up a check-out structure.  Tailor a list of department assignments instead of using the Structure field.  Define PO, vendor, or other purchasing details.  The user fields can be defined for additional assignments, status, or characteristics.

Keeping up-to-date track of the physical definition of assets can be a challenge, especially if they change periodically.  Attempts to manually record changes with paper-based tracking often fail making asset record details fall out of date.  Panatrack offers an add-on solution to take tracking assets to a mobile computer using bar code technology.  The ability to update physical details, including the 15 user fields, makes PanatrackerGP an instrumental tool to fully utilize the tracking features of the GP Fixed Asset module.

The PanatrackerGP application provides access to the physical details of the asset record through a mobile interface to capture updates of the asset at the point the asset is handled.  The PanatrackerGP application can also be used to capture the key details of new assets and automatically create the asset record in GP.  The assets can then be moved or assigned immediately to maintain accurate records right from the start.  Financial details can then be set up directly in GP by the finance or accounting department. Your asset records are maintained in a single database.  With limited access to the asset record details by those making the addition or the updates to the asset records, you can easily manage the physical details securely.

Asset General Information

To find out more about adding physical tracking of your assets using Dynamics GP and PanatrackerGP, visit our website at Ready to take control of your assets? Contact Panatrack to schedule a complimentary web demo of our PanatrackerGP Fixed Asset solution for Dynamics GP.

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