Dynamics GP 2028 and Beyond

Many of you may recall the exciting news we all received in July of 2021, as Microsoft published the long-awaited Lifecycle and Roadmap for Dynamics GP. While many people have been hearing rumors and talk that they need to start shopping ERPs, Microsoft has put all of those worries to bed. Dynamics GP has been moved to the ‘Modern Lifecycle’ since the October 2019 release. This new policy means that organizations now have continuous support and service for their implementation. This includes bug fixes, tax updates, and new features; all that is required is customers to take at least one of three yearly planned GP Releases.

Since 2019, the Fall feature releases, we have not seen the modern lifecycle get updated, let alone extended to provide any roadmap for GP. As of this summer, that has changed, and we now see that Microsoft is committing to Dynamics GP and active development and support planned to 2028 and beyond! This change to Modern Lifecycle and plans for continual improvement and releases puts Dynamics GP right in line with Dynamics 365. In addition to knowing we will see support continue, the new lifecycle releases all-inclusive updates which are easier and faster to deploy than the version updates the channel had seen in the past. To see suggested new features or to make a recommendation of your own, check out the forum here.

Over the last thirty plus years the Dynamics GP channel has grown to be one of the strongest communities, bringing together partners, customers, and ISVs from all over the world. The commitment to more than just bug fixes means that organizations who have leveraged GP for years and those who have invested in solutions like PanatrackerGP no longer have to worry that it all may end abruptly. The background chatter, marketing, and pushes that have been made to move users away from Dynamics GP are NOT requirements, and Panatrack along with the rest of the GP channel are here to push back on that FUD to continue supporting Dynamics GP and this amazing community.

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