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PanatrackerGP Distribution

For Microsoft Dynamics® GP

Transform GP into your fully integrated WMS solution

Traditional Warehouse Management Solutions are sought after for organizations that sell and ship to customers. Did you know that you can use your current Dynamics GP investment for managing your warehouse?  Unlock the features that GP offers and add mobile and barcode technologies to streamline your operations.

Key features to evaluate within GP include:

  • Purchase order and purchase order receiving.
  • Bin and multiple bin setup to provide specific locations of where your inventory is located.
  • Default bin assignments for sales order fulfillment or PO receiving.
  • Separate fulfillment processing on sales order setup.

PanatrackerGP extends these features to provide a robust solution. By adding mobile and barcode technology, we offer

  • Directed pick and optional verification or pack functionality. Keep it simple with a single step, or add a two-step process.
  • Ability to pick or pack to a container ID to streamline shipping and to support EDI functionality (know what items are packed in which containers).
  • Grouping orders for batch picking.
  • Directed put away after receiving offering additional receipt validation.
  • Automated label and packing list printing.

Feature Highlights

Core Inventory Transactions

Complete standard PO Receiving, Bin Moves, Adjustments and Stock Counts at any location and create transactions within Dynamics GP.

Order Fulfill (Pick)

Based on separate fulfillment process set up on GP Sales Orders, add the ability to pick order lines. Configuration options for default bin logic and pick list sort order. Supports picking for kits and non-inventory items.

Ship ID (Container Assignment)

Enable the ability to pick or pack to a Ship ID (container) for additional reporting on packing lists, bill of ladings, or processing for shipping. Option to assign to a Pallet ID or to capture additional details on each container with setup of Panatracker Flex Fields.

Shipping Data

When third party shipping solutions are not used or are integrated to GP, capture tracking numbers and additional data for your shipments.

Batch Pick

Group orders together for a single pick list.

Verify Order (Pack)

Add a second step to your fulfillment process with Verify Order. Supports the ability to complete a pack or a verification of the pick. Provides a pick verification for organizations that require pre-defining lots and serials for their customers on sales orders.

Starship Integration

When Ship IDs are captured at either pick or pack, shipping table records shared with Starship are created to support shipment processing within Starship by Ship ID instead of Order.
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