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Inventory & Asset Tracking Solutions Exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Adding mobile and barcode technologies to streamline your operation!
Unlock the features of inventory and asset tracking within your current Dynamics GP investment.

PanatrackerGP is specifically designed and developed for Microsoft Dynamics GP. You will get a completely integrated solution that retains GP as your single database of record with the ability to capture transactions from mobile devices. Achieve accuracy and simplicity by adding barcode technology.

By adding PanatrackerGP to your GP investment, you will

  • Remove redundant paper-based tracking.
  • Add real-time validation to eliminate errors.
  • Streamline your operation with the ability to capture and submit the data at the point and time the transaction occurs.
  • Provide access to inventory locations and available quantities to your workers without the need to go into GP.
  • Lower training overhead by providing a simple and easy-to-use interface to your workforce.

Without the need to duplicate setup of your inventory and assets in a separate system, implementation of PanatrackerGP is fast and easy. Panatrack will assist you in identifying additional features and functionality available to you to turn GP into your warehouse management or a fully functional asset tracking system.

Panatrack offers multiple solutions along with several add-on module options to build an on-premise or hosted solution to meet your tracking requirements.  All of the PanatrackerGP solutions include our Panatracker portal supporting user setup, registration for devices, and multiple configuration setting options to tailor the operation of your solution.

PanatrackerGP Solutions

Stockroom Inventory

Stockroom Inventory

A solution to meet basic stockroom and warehouse tracking needs where inventory is consumed by adjustments. Labs, medical facilities, casinos, hospitality, utilities, and maintenance.
Projects & Jobs Inventory

Projects & Jobs Inventory

Ideal for public utilities and service & maintenance organizations that use GP projects or Key2Act.
Central Warehouse Management

Central Warehouse Management

Utilize Order Fulfillment alongside our Panatracker Directed Transfer infrastructure to manage your hub and spoke operation.
Distribution Inventory

Distribution Inventory

A solution designed for companies that need pick and pack functionality as part of sales order processing. Ensure accurate order fulfillment and high customer satisfaction with real time validation.

Manufacturing Inventory

Manufacturing Inventory

For organizations that need to manage raw materials, components, and finished goods for their manufacturing or assembly operation.
Fixed Asset Tracking

Fixed Asset Tracking

Extending the GP Fixed Asset module to manage where your assets are located and who has possession.

Why Choose Panatrack?

  • Smart

    You’ll get more from Microsoft Dynamics GP! We understand Dynamics GP almost as well as our own products, and can help you leverage your systems to achieve your inventory control goals.

  • Economical

    We leverage your investment in Dynamics GP and use GP as the single host database. We eliminate the overhead to reconcile two systems when GP functionality can meet your tracking requirements.

  • Intuitive

    We know that unless software is intuitive and easy to use, your users will resist using it. We give your users a simple way to capture transactions without the need to go into GP.

  • Growth-Ready

    Start simple with current GP setup to start getting the benefits. Unlock additional features and functionality as your grow!

  • Scalable

    PanatrackerGP is scalable. With multiple solution options and other add-on modules, we can tailor your solution to fit your tracking needs.

  • Real-Time

    Capture the transactions and the point and time they occur to get both real-time validation and updates to GP.

What Our Customers Say
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    “By the time the product arrives, it’s already been captured in our system. This capability is expected to save the company thousands of dollars per year.”

    – Ed Eissenstat
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    Faribault Woolen Mill Co.

    “Panatrack has a unique understanding of the business side of things as well as IT so they have helped us transition our culture and run a more efficient and accurate manufacturing business. We trust them immensely.”

    – Carmen Dorr
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    Specialty A/C Products

    “PanatrackerGP worked so well right out of the box…and worked exactly the way we needed it to. The improvements were immediate and we have been thrilled with both the solution and Panatrack’s caring support team.”

    – Pat Santana
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    American Contract Systems

    “We appreciate working with Panatrack. With a decision to switch WMS systems, we had an unusual and immediate Go-Live implementation. Everyone at Panatrack was willing to jump in and get us running quickly during the transition. Panatrack’s understanding of Microsoft Dynamics is very reassuring and we look forward to a great partnership in the future. It’s so refreshing to find a company similar to ours where the customer is the number one priority, and your team does whatever it takes to get issues resolved.”

    – Heather Myers

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