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Partnerships and Alliances

Panatrack is a Microsoft Partner and ISV offering solutions that extend Microsoft Dynamics ® GP to mobile computers using bar code and wireless technology. Panatrack specializes in ADC (Automatic Data Capture) technologies and provides our expertise to the Dynamics community through our partnerships. Our end goal is to deliver a solution that will add efficiency and streamline the user’s business processes.

Panatrack's solutions compliment the following ISV solutions. Panatrack is always happy to work with other ISV organizations whether in presentation and delivery of a complete solution or for additional data capture and integration requirements.

Are you an ISV?

Our infrastructure supports integration to multiple systems. We want to work together to solve data capture requirements by creating new modules or configurations that provide an integrated solution for our mutual customers. Please contact us to discuss.

Current Integration Partners

Binary Stream

Binary Stream supplies the Microsoft Dynamics community with software products to bring people, workflows and technology together. By providing fully integrated ERP industry solutions to enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP systems, Binary Stream increases productivity and profitability for users and organizations worldwide.

Data Masons

Data Masons' EDI Made Simple® approach offers advanced turnkey EDI solutions for ERP products such as Microsoft Dynamics® and Exact Software. The company's Vantage Point EDI solution provides an end-to-end EDI processing platform that gives companies a competitive edge through seamless EDI integration, predictable ownership costs and comprehensive, ongoing compliance services – all without expensive and disruptive ERP platform customization.

Feed Mill Manager

Panatrack has teamed with Cargill to offer enhanced workflow options for their Feed Mill Manager solution for order picking and fulfillment. The solution is ideal for Feed Mill Manager organizations that sell more bagged products than bulk and likely to primarily sell stock items. The workflow hands off the picking and staging activities to PanatrackerGP for orders ready to ship. Pick lists are available on mobile devices using PanatrackerGP and inventory is picked with the option to add efficiency using barcode technology.  The pick action transfers the items to staging areas or trucks and captures the pick details which are then integrated back to the Feed Mill Manager for invoice processing.

Horizons International

Horizons Manufacturing Suite (HMS) is a manufacturing application supporting process and discrete manufacturers that integrates directly into PanatrackerGP and Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Key2Act (formerly WennSoft) is a leader in providing operational solutions for organizations focused on work orders, asset management, installation, field service and maintenance across asset and equipment centric industries. Key2Act serves customers worldwide directly and through a global network of local partners. As Microsoft partner, the Key2Act products are Certified for Microsoft Dynamics® (CfMD).


ReQlogic is an employee productivity suite that provides browser-based solutions for eProcurement, requisitions, invoices, expense reports, time tracking, and advanced workflow. With over 40,000 users worldwide, multi-language capabilities and a proven implementation methodology – ReQlogic is the solution for companies with straight-forward or complex requirements. Improve efficiency and accuracy while driving down costs using ReQlogic to submit and review transactions anytime, from anywhere.

StarShip by V-Technologies

StarShip shipping software offers a turnkey approach to processing small parcel and LTL shipments with Microsoft Dynamics GP. The bi-directional interface streamlines the entire workflow to gain immediate efficiencies in shipment processing, accounts receivable and customer service for improved productivity and cost savings.


Vicinity provides a formula-based manufacturing solution for chemical, food and beverage industries, allowing users to share data in a centralized system tied directly to PanatrackerGP and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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