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Happy Thanksgiving 2020!

The Panatrack team is wishing all of our Customers and Partners a Happy Thanksgiving! Our office will be closed on Thursday the 26th of November reopening at 8:00 AM CST Friday the 27th. Urgent support requests can be directed to our Support team for a prompt response.

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How to change keyboards on Android devices

For organizations that utilize touchscreen only devices such as the Zebra TC21 or TC72, users may still desire an onscreen keyboard for input. While the stock Gboard that ships with the devices is often adequate for minor use, all the bells and whistles such as GIFs and Voice to Text take up screen space. Using another keyboard option can present less complexity on screen. The following instructions will walk you…

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Section 179 Tax Deduction for software purchases in 2020

With the end of the year approaching, Panatrack has been receiving questions from a few partners and clients about the tax implications for software purchases. Thanks to the team at Enavate, things are a little easier to understand now. Enavate’s blog post sums up the key points on this useful topic. This year, the deduction is great for teams looking to add software. And as a bonus, it applies to…

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Must Have Scanner Accessories

We have already reviewed device options and how we can get power to them, now it is time to look at some of the most popular accessories for mobile scanners. From carrying to protecting the most popular options are often focused on the need to extend the life and service of scanners with protection. Before we dive into keeping the device into shape, Panatrack will explore the options for spare…

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Mobile Device Charging Dock Options

When it comes to deploying scanners across a single warehouse or even across multiple sites, giving your team the power to capture transactions relies on making sure the scanners have the power they need. Bad puns aside, there are a variety of options for charging your devices in the warehouse when not in use. Another post will review options for use on forklifts that require powered cradles; today we will…

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Shorten your EOY Stock Counts with Panatrack

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, companies are beginning to plan for Year End stock counts and many employees begin to dread the days of running about with stack of paper and post it notes scribbling down counts and scratching out their mistakes. At the end of count process someone will be sitting down in front a terminal and manually entering each item count either into GP or…

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Video Introduction to PanatrackerGP for Inventory Management in Dynamics GP

We still haven't been reviewed on Rotten Tomatoes, but we think critics and audiences will both appreciate the latest iteration of this, our new solution introduction video of the PanatrackerGP solution for inventory management in Microsoft Dynamics GP. See how the PanatrackerGP solution extends the functionality already in Dynamics GP to create a powerful warehouse management system (WMS). Modules include Core Inventory Management, Order Fulfillment, Manufacturing & more. See why PanatrackerGP…

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Solving complex barcodes to manage inventory tracking

A client recently came to us with an issue in moving to the PanatrackerGP Embedded Warehouse Management System. When they imported their inventory data, the previous nonintegrated system had only recorded the first 11 characters of a scannable UPC Code. This meant that the imported data for the Manufacturers item cross reference only has 11 characters, regardless of what would be scanned. This renders any digits after the 11th as…

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7 Ways to Simplify Your Pick, Pack and Ship with Panatrack and StarShip

Join us for a Complimentary Webinar to learn how to improve your pick, pack, and ship process! Date:  Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020 Time: 1 PM CT  / 2 PM ET     Join Panatrack and StarShip for a new webinar highlighting how to simplify and tightly integrate your pick, pack and ship workflow for Microsoft Dynamics GP! During this webinar Chris and Alex will review: Real time inventory control for picking validation with shipping box and container details Capture…

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Introducing Zebra’s MC3300X: Why It Should Be On Your Warehouse Mobile Computer List

Zebra’s MC3300X is a groundbreaking warehouse mobile computer that combines world-class data capture with touchscreen workflows, a traditional keypad, and a four-way configuration to maximize barcode scanning efficiency and mobile productivity. In a year when many warehouses are struggling to keep up with unprecedented demand or cut costs and operate with a more limited workforce, this device is a timely and crucial solution. It helps increase warehouse efficiency and productivity…

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