Tools at your Fingertips: How a Software for Tracking Tools can Revolutionize Your Tool Management System

Do you ever feel like your equipment has a mind of its own? One minute your tools are in your toolbox, and the next, they seem to disappear into thin air. Whether you are in construction, manufacturing, plumbing, automotive, electrical, landscaping, or other maintenance industries, tracking tools and equipment can be a headache. It’s time to take back control with PanatrackerST tool tracking software! With this innovative technology, you can maintain an inventory of your tools, track custody and location, and set up maintenance plans. Time to say farewell to lost tools and equipment and hello to streamlined efficiency. Let’s dive into the world of tool tracking software.

How Can Tool Tracking Software Benefit Your Business?

Tool tracking involves keeping a record of all the tools and equipment used by service providers in a broad range of industries. The objective of tool tracking software is to monitor the location, custody, movement, and maintenance of each tool and piece of equipment. Easily make updates with a simple scan of a barcode. Let’s discuss some reasons why a tool tracking system like PanatrackerST is beneficial for you.

Tracking Tools

Visibility of Assets

Tool tracking will provide visibility and accountability of your assets, giving access to location, condition, and utilization. Complete check outs and assign accountability to employees and contractors. Know what project or job is currently using equipment and when to expect it returned.

Manage items checked out to employees, contractors, and job sites by using mobile devices, phones, tablets, or your desktop browser. By attaching barcode asset tags to tools, businesses can monitor their inventory, know where each tool is located, see who is using them, and track their utilization patterns. You can look up the contents of your entire toolbox anytime, anywhere. Easily request and reserve an item for any upcoming project or job.

Loss Prevention

One of the largest reasons for implementing a tool tracking system is to help you prevent loss and theft of your valuable tools and equipment. With tool management, you can keep all your equipment and tools accounted for with periodic audits to easily identify if anything is missing. Add barcode asset tags to deter theft. Check-out assignments will add accountability. Consistent and real-time updates to your tools and equipment to keep track of location and custodian will limit misplaced and stolen tools saving your organization time and money.


The implementation of a tool tracking system helps to promote accountability. Your business’ tools and equipment are valuable assets, therefore keeping track of where they are and who has them is essential. Adding check out functionality will give your employees and contractors responsibility and awareness in the management of the tools and equipment in their custody.

Improved Productivity

Tracking tools helps a business optimize their operations by ensuring tools and equipment are in the right place at the right time. Replace paper-based tracking and spreadsheets with a solution that will allow you to update information at the point and time a change occurs. Having up-to-date information will remove the extra time to track down a specialized tool or piece of equipment. Add visibility for your team to know what tools are available. Setup scheduled maintenance to keep assets in optimal operating condition and reduce unexpected downtime.

Maintaining Equipment

Effective tool tracking can help businesses to improve safety by ensuring all tools are properly maintained and inspected. By utilizing the maintenance plan, you are given the ability to define a maintenance schedule and complete repairs, to ensure tools are properly maintained and inspected. By tracking maintenance and condition, your business can easily identify and safety concerns before they become an issue. Additionally, many businesses are required to maintain accurate, up to date records of Maintenance and tool usage to comply with regulatory requirements. A tool and equipment tracking software can simplify maintaining these records and ensure compliance with applicable regulations in the case of audit or inspection.

Capitalized Asset Record Reporting

High expense tools and equipment that are capitalized purchases need to be tracked for depreciation as part of your organization’s financial recordkeeping. Most ERP fixed asset modules are not ideal for tracking the details of each individual tool and equipment. They may support an assignee and location; however, updates to the asset records typically require access to the financial system and therefore, details are often tracked in spreadsheets.

A tool tracking system will provide the ability for those interacting with the assets to make updates and changes without ever touching the ERP or financial data. Options to complete actual check outs, check ins, moves, and transfers using a mobile app is a more effective and efficient option to manage tools and equipment. Replacing spreadsheets that are often updated as an afterthought will keep the status, location, and custody assignment up to date. Detailed logging and reporting will help your organization breeze through audits.

Cutting Costs and Saving Money

The bottom line is that effective tool and equipment tracking will reduce costs in many ways. Reducing downtime with scheduled maintenance; deterring misplaced and stolen tools; and visibility to know the where, the what and the who for custody, location, and status.

How PanatrackerST works for Tracking Tools and Equipment

PanatrackerST is an effective solution for your tool and equipment tracking. Designed to add efficiency using barcode technology, you can keep your assets up to date using a mobile device. Our solution makes it easy to track location, custody, and status.
Key features include:

  • Check Out with the option to set a check out period or expected return date.
  • Check In with notification of upcoming scheduled maintenance.
  • Transfers to efficiently move items between locations, custodians, and jobs.
  • Maintenance Plans with the ability to define a maintenance schedule or complete reactive repairs.
  • Complete periodic audits to validate your assets are where they are expected.

PanatrackerST offers flexibility to let you define how you want to track different types of tools and equipment. Track your parts and consumables within the same system. Dynamic grid views support the ability to view the details important to each user. PanatrackerST offers these features and many more to remove the chaos and add order to your tool and equipment tracking.

Panatrack has years of experience tracking items critical to organizations just like yours. We deliver more than just software; we deliver a solution that will add efficiency and visibility to your operations.

Learn more about all of the features available in PanatrackerST or schedule a call with one of our tracking experts.

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