The Remote Revolution: Why IT Asset and Inventory Tracking is Critical for Modern Businesses 

In today’s fast-paced digital world, many businesses are opting to have remote or hybrid teams, allowing employees to work from anywhere. With this comes many advantages, as well as challenges, including ways to monitor IT assets. Managing and tracking these assets can be a daunting task, especially for companies with many devices. That’s where PanatrackerST IT asset tracking comes in – a powerful solution that can provide businesses with visibility, security, and cost savings. By implementing IT asset tracking software, remote companies can ensure that their technology is properly managed, secure, and efficient, enabling them to succeed in today’s increasingly digital world.

Why is Asset Tracking Important for Remote Work?

IT asset tracking involves keeping a record of all the equipment used by businesses in many different industries. Remote and hybrid work have drastically increased over the last few years. According to an Owl Labs Study, 41% of employees would prefer to work fully remote, and 31% have a hybrid work preference. With this change, ensuring companies can monitor their assets is very important. The objective of IT asset tracking software is to monitor the location, custody, movement, and maintenance of each piece of inventory. Easily make updates with a simple scan of a barcode. Let’s discuss some reasons why an asset tracking software like PanatrackerST is beneficial for you.

Visibility and Accountability

IT asset tracking will provide visibility and accountability of your assets, giving access to location, custody, and condition. Complete check outs of circulating items such as laptops, monitors, and cell phones, assigning accountability to staff, customers, or students. Manage stationary assets such as servers and access points. With visibility of custody of your technology inventory, you will be able to know what is expected to be returned to the company on terminations or resignations.

An ideal tracking system offers access to information from mobile devices, tables, phones, and the desktop. The ability to use barcode technology to quickly record transactions offers a solution that is easy to keep updated. Barcode asset tags can include ‘property of’ verbiage with company name to visually identify company-owned assets.


IT asset tracking ensures that remote workers have access to the necessary technology to perform their job effectively. By tracking and managing IT assets, companies can ensure that employees have access to the right software, hardware, and peripherals, reducing downtime and improving productivity. Tracking helps businesses to accurately track IT assets and inventory across the organization.

Replace paper-based tracking and spreadsheets with a solution that will allow you to update information at the point and time a change occurs. Provide access to those that need it without requiring access to your company’s financials as well as know what you have on the shelf for new hires or replacements. By adding a tracking system that supports simple real-time updates, your team will be confident of knowing the who, what, and where of all your technology items.

Maintenance and Service

Technology assets may have warranty end dates or vendor service contracts. Those without this type of protection may need servicing by the internal IT team. Setup maintenance plans or record break-fix services to help identify when an asset may need to be retired or disposed of. Track replacement and assignment of warranty components such as motherboards and hard drives. Track when memory has been added to your server or laptops.

Compliance and Security

IT asset tracking helps organizations meet audit and SOC compliance requirements. With the ability to quickly demonstrate that changes to location, custody, and even maintenance activities are being updated, you will be sure to ace any audit without extra effort.

Managing the status and tracking condition of technical assets when returned will ensure proper updates are completed before checked out to another person. A tracking solution can also provide the ability to confirm correct setup before an item is available to be checked out.

Costs Savings

Asset Tracking can provide the visibility to balance your technology inventory with access to see checked out, deployed, and available items. This will help support the ability to maintain spare inventory of technology items and supporting components needed to run your organization. Access to view last maintenance dates, warranty end dates, and original place-in-service dates will help identify end-of-life assets or those that need updates.

How PanatrackerST works for IT Asset Tracking

PanatrackerST is an effective solution for your IT asset and inventory tracking. The solution is designed to add efficiency using barcode and mobile technology. Updates are easily made from your mobile device, phone, tablet, or desktop. features A few key features include:

  • Check Out with the option to reserve items for later check out. Setup a checklist for items that require setup confirmation.
  • Check In with the option to set the status to out-of-service on items that may need to be reconfigured and updated.
  • Receive then place-in-service to manage when items are available to be checked out or deployed.
  • Transfers to efficiently move items between locations and custodians.
  • Complete periodic audits to validate your assets are where they are expected.
  • Custodian dashboard to give access to what items are in each user’s custody.

PanatrackerST offers flexibility to let you define how you want to track different types of technology assets and inventory. Define what items can be checked out versus what items are deployed. Identify what information to track for different categories of items. Dynamic grid views support the ability to view the details important to each user. PanatrackerST offers these features and many more to remove the chaos and add order to your IT Asset Tracking.

Panatrack has years of experience tracking items critical to organizations just like yours. We deliver more than just software; we deliver a solution that will add efficiency and visibility to your operations.

Learn more about all of the features available in PanatrackerST by visiting  IT Asset Tracking, or schedule a call with one of our tracking experts.

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