Inventory Tracking & WMS for Dynamics GP

Full integration with Dynamics® GP makes Panatracker an essential WMS tool in effectively controlling your inventory.

We realize that choosing the right barcode solution for inventory management is no easy task. However, if you currently use Microsoft Dynamics GP, you already have the core foundation of a solid Warehouse Management System (WMS). PanatrackerGP adds the tools to give your workforce access to inventory details and the ability to capture transactions at the point and time they occur. This feature-rich solution operates on handheld computers and uses barcode technology to track inventory. Add PanatrackerGP and leverage your investment in Dynamics GP for an affordable and fully integrated solution.

Evaluate PanatrackerGP for yourself!

    • Start with PanatrackerGP Core Inventory. Everyone who has inventory needs to complete adds, moves, and counts. We bundle these core features as the starting point for your inventory management system. Core inventory transactions include Receiving, Adjustments, Site Transfers, Bin Moves (when using multi-bins), and Stock Count.
    • Add additional features such as Order Fulfillment (Pick & Pack), Automated Label Printing, Assembly, and Project Accounting Transfers. Advanced features include Directed Transfer, ASN Receiving, Shipping Integration, and Manufacturing with support to GP, Vicinity, and Horizon.
    • Our Panatracker Transaction Manager provides configuration settings that allow you to tailor your data capture routine. We offer an infrastructure with tools to give you maximum flexibility and optional  integration support.
    • A robust solution doesn’t need to be complex for the users. PanatrackerGP has an intuitive  easy-to-learn, easy-to-use interface.
    • Why wait to start adding efficiency? As an add-on to Dynamics GP, PanatrackerGP can quickly be implemented so you can get started with the basics.

           Why Choose Panatrack?

    • Panatrack doesn’t just deliver software. We have expertise to execute practical and accurate inventory tracking. With extensive knowledge in Dynamics GP, we can help you unlock the additional features to achieve your inventory control goals.
    • We continue to actively enhance our solution by listening to the feedback from prospects during demos and from our customers using our application. Modification requests are carefully evaluated and strategically designed into the core product to maintain a supportable solution for all customers.
    • Our unique infrastructure makes PanatrackerGP an ideal solution for both those that want to start out with basic data capture support and those that need to start with a more advanced system. Core out-of-the-box feature options offer a solution that can easily scale. Modular licensing provides that ability to build to suit.

By adding barcode and mobile technology, you will achieve these key advantages:

    • Elimination of paper-based tracking and duplicated entry. Capture inventory transactions when and where they occur with accountability.
    • Direct integration with Dynamics® GP. No separate redundant inventory database to set up and maintain.
    • Barcode data capture for speed and accuracy.
    • Real-time access to inventory information in the hands of the workforce.

PanatrackerGP complements and integrates with other Dynamics GP integrated solutions.
Examples include:


DataMasons BinaryStream Vicinity
ProjectCost Horizon RedTail
Starship WennSoft Starship

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