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PanatrackerGP for Projects, Jobs & Service

For Microsoft Dynamics® GP

Because not all inventory environments are equal

Traditional Warehouse Management solutions are designed to support complex pick, pack and ship processes with a distributor or manufacturing warehouse in mind. Stockrooms, part cribs, service trucks, and labs typically manage inventory related to projects, jobs, or service activities.

PanatrackerGP is completely integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP to capture inventory transactions at the point and time the transaction happens. Our solution combines mobile and barcode technologies to add efficiency to inventory management. Our solution for Projects and Jobs includes all of the basic functionality from receiving, moves, and stock counts and adds support for GP Project Accounting and Key2Act to issue items to a Project or Job from their stock area.

Public utilities, hospitality, service and maintenance organizations all see huge benefits to adding mobile and barcode technology to their existing GP inventory functionality.



Receive against Purchase Orders

Receive items against GP purchase orders. Add visibility to the receiving staff that items are purchased for specific projects or Key2Act jobs or service. Label your items as they are received.

Project Transfer & Return

When using GP Project Accounting, complete transfers of inventory to projects. Configuration options support validation to the budget or the ability to add other items.

Stock Counts & Spot Counts

Complete scheduled stock counts or cycle counts based on the GP Stock Count Schedule and update the GP Stock Count Entry screen. For quick counts by a location and item, use our Spot Count transaction to create an adjustment or variance.


Complete adjustment transactions. Key2Act integration adds selection of the Job or Service Number and updates the Key2Act data for the adjustment. Multiple flex fields are available to capture additional details and can be used to enable a signature panel.

Site Transfers

Complete site transfers to trucks, vans, or the job or project site.

Add on Options

Project & Job infrastructure can be an add-on to other PanatrackerGP solutions OR add other modules to this solution. Common add-ons include connected sales, assembly, and our directed transfer solution.
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