24 November, 2014

Monitor Real-Time Inventory When Sales Hit the Road

Michael Burnham

Sales on the RoadYour sales representatives may be able to sell products while they are at a conference or meeting with customers; however, do they have access to critical inventory details and the ability to capture orders or complete sales transactions at the point of the sale? If you are using paper-based systems, the answer is likely ‘no’. Not only can this lead to inventory problems but it can also lead to unhappy customers. Streamline field sales and control inventory by implementing a stronger business tool with real-time inventory for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Paper-based processes can be inefficient, especially for employees that make sales or service equipment outside of the office. Filling out paperwork in the field, then bringing those forms back to the office to enter the details into your business management solution is time-consuming and creates a delay for managers that need up-to-date financial and inventory data. Customers experience delays for orders that need to be entered for shipment or delivery from the warehouse. In addition, as customer and inventory details are transcribed from paper forms into your business systems, there is a risk for data-entry errors. Making financial or inventory decisions based on old or inaccurate data could lead to expensive mistakes.

The PanatrackerGP Field Sales and Inventory solution can streamline field sales and services activities and provide real-time data for your office team. As sales are completed or inventory is used on a job site, your field team can record those transactions with PanatrackerGP Field Sales and Inventory solution which is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics® GP. Sales or service employees that carry inventory with them will have up-to-date inventory status as they record transactions used during field services or complete a direct sale transaction. In addition, an order for later shipment or delivery can be captured. Cash and check payments can be accepted for multiple transactions, a signature capture is available to confirm delivery or receipt of products or services, and, receipts can be printed for customers. Transactions are stored on the device if real-time connection isn’t available; otherwise transactions can be easily submitted back to Microsoft Dynamics GP when network connection is available.

PanatrackerGP will eliminate paper-based recording and redundant data-entry of your sales, inventory, and service-related transactions. Add accountability and a more efficient process by implementing better technology. Contact Panatrack to learn more on Inventory & Asset Tracking solutions available for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

17 October, 2014

GPUG 2014 Wrap-up

Alex Rode

As the 2014 GPUG Summit draws to a close this afternoon in the wonderful city of St. Louis, the entire Panatrack team would like to take a moment and thank all the attendees and sponsors for their contributions that make this a premier Dynamics gathering. We are sure everyone has had their fill of knowledge, tips & tricks, and good times during this exciting week. We know our team had a wonderful experience connecting with customers and partners from all over, providing them with as much information as possible about the inventory capabilities present within Dynamics GP.

If you happen to be interested in a personalized web demo or would like to continue exploring how PanatrackerGP can significantly (and easily!) extend to the power of Inventory Management within Dynamics GP, please contact our team at or by phone at 262-361-4950.

Thank you to all who were part of making these 5 days a rousing success. We look forward to seeing you all at the next Dynamics event!

13 October, 2014

Visit us at GPUG 2014 in St. Louis

Alex Rode


Panatrack is proud to be a sponsor and exhibitor at this year’s GPUG Summit in St. Louis. Over the next 5 days GP users from all over are coming together for one of the premier networking and knowledge sharing events in the Dynamics Community. With sessions to cover any questions you may have combined with an expo featuring the most popular an effective ISVs GPUG is sure to send all attendees home with something new to share.

Stop by the Panatrack Booth #1413 to speak with our solutions team and learn more about the Inventory, Fixed Asset & Mobile Sales solutions we offer. Panatrack will be happy to answer any questions about our applications and even take the time to show off some of the recommended hardware. Keeping with the GPUG spirit we want you to leave having had the opportunity to learn more about the potential of Dynamics GP with the addition of the PanatrackerGP Solutions.

If you cannot make the GPUG Expo, please feel free to contact our solution team at 262-361-4950 or

28 August, 2014

Tame Out-Of-Control Inventory With Better Tools

Michael Burnham

You may have only started out with a few key products but business has grown and so have your product lines. It’s nearly impossible to track dozens or hundreds of the product variations that are passed through your warehouse every day. Add additional warehouses or regional distribution centers to that equation and you may find yourself swimming in inventory data that may be questionable, if not outright inaccurate, which can lead to an even bigger nightmare. Tame out-of-control inventory with a better business management tool.

A small volume of products may be easily managed by specialty software or simple spreadsheets; however, as business grows, these entry-level solutions may not be able to keep up. Manually counting and handling inventory can also lead to skewed data, which could cause procurement to order more inventory than is necessary or not enough. Customers that experience delays or stock-outs could become frustrated and turn to a competitor. Support your growing business with a better technology, a robust warehouse management solution such as PanatrackerGP.

PanatrackerGP brings time-saving automation and barcode technology to speed up and improve accuracy behind inventory management. You can use barcodes to track raw materials, assemblies, and finished products as they enter, move around your warehouse, and are shipped to customers. PanatrackerGP also enables tracking of items that may be shifted between bins, if using multiple bins, or between warehouses and distribution centers. You can have accurate inventory data and know where it is located in real time.

Configuration settings in PanatrackerGP Transaction Manager enable you to define your unique data capture routine. Hand-held barcode computers and the easy-to-use interface will improve productivity throughout the warehouse. You can also add features to integrate PanatrackerGP with order fulfillment, project accounting transfers, shipping and receiving, and other parts of your manufacturing or distribution operations. Use the features that make sense for your team and your business operations and tame the chaos associated with inventory management.

If your business and product lines are growing and your business solutions aren’t, it may be time to implement better tools. Contact Panatrack to learn how to tame out-of-control inventory with PanatrackerGP.

25 July, 2014

Do you know what’s in your warehouse?

Michael Burnham

In today’s fast-paced marketplace, you need to have an accurate count and location of your inventory which is no easy task. With 24/7 customer orders, multiple warehouses, and bin changes, stock count can change in a moment which can have repercussions. As your inventory increases in volume, so can the complications. It may be time for a better inventory management system.

As your business grows and you expand product lines, it can be difficult to track inventory as it’s coming and going. Manufacturing operations may increase to keep up with customer demands and before you know it, inventory is getting lost, misplaced, or miscounted. A robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, offers robust warehouse and inventory management features. However, you can give your warehouse technology and your team a bigger boost with PanatrackerGP.

Replace inaccurate, paper-based inventory tracking with a more modern technology to improve warehouse productivity and the accuracy of inventory movements. Your team will appreciate the added mobility and ease of using handheld computers and barcodes to track inventory and warehouse managers will appreciate the real-time data. Your warehouse team can track inventory at the point and time it’s received, handled, and shipped with PanatrackerGP software. Track adds, moves, and counts including bin and site transfers. You can also integrate order fulfillment, product assembly, and shipping and receiving operations.

PanatrackerGP is also fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Your sales team can check on real-time stock availability for customers, for example, and procurement can make strategic inventory decisions that can save money and improve profit margins. Adding automation to warehouse activities with a solution like PanatrackerGP can provide the control and insight you need to improve both warehouse operations and inventory management.

Today’s manufacturing and distribution marketplace is fast moving and highly competitive. Greater inventory control is essential for maintaining superior customer service and protecting your bottom line. Contact Panatrack Inventory & Asset Tracking for more information about using PanatrackerGP to keep track of your inventory with greater efficiency and accuracy.

27 June, 2014

Connect Field Service Teams with the Office

Michael Burnham

Your sales representatives may do some of their best work in the field, at customer offices, or at work sites.  Fruitful outside sales, combined with busy in-house sales activities, can wreak havoc on inventory control.  Connect your teams, wherever they are located, with your inventory and with a business management solution that can improve productivity and sales insights, as well as inventory control.

It can be challenging to track fast moving inventory in the warehouse and even harder to track inventory when it’s on the move with sales and field service teams.  Sales representatives may be participating in conferences or trade shows and field teams may be working on customer projects.  Each group may have a selection of inventory items that could be used or sold on the spot.  The more inventory you have in the field, the harder it can be to track with the inventory in the warehouse.  Over time, lack of insight and control over inventory that’s on the move can lead to poor procurement decisions, stock-outs, and unsatisfied customers.

Introducing a mobile solution will make it easier to maintain real-time inventory numbers, no matter where your inventory is located.  The PanatrackerGP Field Sales and Inventory solution can be added to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP.  Your field teams can record inventory used or sold at job sites, conferences or tradeshows, or at customer offices – wherever there is a network connection.  The updated inventory figures can then be synchronized with those at the warehouse so that you always have real-time inventory data.

In addition to keeping accurate inventory counts, your sales and field teams can use PanatrackerGP Field Sales & Inventory to accept cash or check payments for transactions made in the field.  They can also manage deliveries, including delivery confirmations with signature capture, from this same mobile solution.  Payments can be automatically deposited in Microsoft Dynamics GP so you can also have real-time sales figures.

Instead of processing paperwork at the end of each day, your field teams can use PanatrackerGP Field Sales and Inventory software to process inventory and accept payments as they happen.  Contact us for more information about using a mobile solution to stay connected with your sales and field teams and have greater inventory control.

18 June, 2014

Webinar for Barcode Inventory Management with Vicinity Manufacturing

Michael Burnham

We recently presented a webinar with our friends at Vicinity Manufacturing that demonstrates how easy it is to add barcode inventory management to Dynamics GP and Vicinity Manufacturing software. Below is the recorded version of the webinar.

This informational webinar demonstrates how barcode scanning simplifies inventory management. You will be introduced to the benefits of barcode technology — the key tool to efficient inventory tracking. We walk you through the life of inventory tracking from receiving, stocking, usage, and order fulfillment using PanatrackerGP and directly updating Dynamics GP and Vicinity Manufacturing.

Gaining confidence in your inventory is easier than you may think. Provide your workforce with an easy-to-use tool to record inventory transactions as they occur. We hope you enjoy the webinar.

25 March, 2014

Is it barcode or bar-code?

Michael Burnham

Barcode or Bar Code

It amuses me that Panatrack has been in the business of developing barcode-enabled solutions for many years, yet still often debate internally over how to spell “bar-code”. In a recent update to our PanatrackerGP WMS Inventory whitepaper, we even found a few inconsistencies in the same document.

Thinking as a software guy for a moment: let’s temporarily go with barXcode, and postulate that “X” can be null.  Plus, it is fun to say barXcode, as it makes me think of labeling yappy little dogs.

Aren’t we all trained as schoolchildren to “look it up”? Well, the Oxford dictionary definition of barcode states that it is one word. Solved. It’s Craft Brew time.

Hmmm…except the Merriam-Webster dictionary claims it is “bar code”.  Well, that “authoritative dictionary plan” unravels faster than a cheap sweater.

Surely, the authoritative GS1 Organization, known as the “world’s official provider of bar code numbers for retail”, can help us. Looking on their  Need A Barcode page, I notice their inconsistent usage of “bar code“, “barcode“, and “BarCodes“. Seriously? That last one is just cheating.  

I make the following case for a single word spelling:

        • As a verb, as in “let’s barcode that Chihuahua”, it is much less confusing than “to bar <slight pause> code something”.
        • As a noun, as in “slap a barcode on that Chihuahua”, it is also less confusing without the space.
        • As an adjective, as in “that zebra looks kinda barcodey”, it just plain works.

People drive “pickup trucks”, they don’t drive “pick up trucks”. It’s a weak argument, but it seems to support my case.

The reality is that as long as people might do a web search for barcode or bar code, it’s best if we go either way. If you landed on this page because you were also confused, then it worked. Welcome to Panatrack. We create solutions to track inventory and assets using technologies such as barcoding. Or is that bar coding?

10 March, 2014

Another great Convergence show in Atlanta

Michael Burnham

Panatrack Convergence 2014We’d like to thank everyone that stopped to visit with us during the Microsoft Dynamics Convergence expo in Atlanta last week. It’s always great to visit with our partners and customers, as well as meet some new friends. 

This year’s event was held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. For those of us that attend the show regularly, we have been to this hall a few times before. Atlanta is a great venue for the event and the get-togethers in the evening hours. There were great keynotes and seminars, and the expo hall was as amazing as it always is.

We were delighted to receive so many positive comments on our new booth design. To quote the “A-Team” television series, I love it when a plan comes together.

See everyone in Chicago next year!