Zebra CS60 Companion Scanner for Tablets and Phones

Panatrack is thrilled to offer the Zebra CS60 handheld scanner that attaches to phones, tablets, wearable scanners, and other devices to enable barcoding scanning in any environment. The CS60 offers an easy-to-use device that connects to any Android, Windows, or iOS device. Many environments, from labs and healthcare to mobile workers with truck inventory are already equipped with tablets or phones that lack an integrated scanner; the compact, durable, and reliable CS60 means your workforce can have the proper tools to manage inventory, items, assets, tools, and equipment.


Designed for convenient and reliable use, the Zebra CS60 fits comfortably in the hand, making barcode scanning a breeze for any employee. There is no need to guess where the scanner is aimed, thanks to the seamless ergonomic design. In addition to making, it a comfortable tool for a user to hold, the design allows your team to clean the device quickly and easily after every shift, or as it is passed to another
team member. Multiple feedback options offer users’ instant feedback about a successful scan. The adjustable beep volume and tone work wonders in louder environments, such as the machine shop or in the field.


The CS60 scanner clocks in with a 5-foot drop to concrete and an IP65 seal rating. This ensures that in any situation your team deploys the CS60 scanner the device is going to hold up to whatever challenges it faces. Panatrack has seen these devices utilized in stockroom scenarios alongside a mounted tablet, as well as at fulfillment stations with fixed devices alongside the PanatrackerGP Inventory solution. In the field the CS60 allows for ease of portability and the attachable lanyard and optional silicone protectors will keep the scanner at hand and ready to go no matter what the situation.

Battery & Charge

With a dedicated battery gauge, users can always see their current battery level. A fully charged battery in the CS60 offers operators 18 hours of power so that even your longest shifts can handle all of the scanning that may be asked of them. Zebra rates the CS60 for 13,000 scans per charge! With Qi wireless charging, simply dropping the CS60 into its cradle guarantees that scanning power will always be at your fingertips. Four slot device cradles allow for charging multiple devices at once, keeping everything in one location for easy visual dentification at the conclusion of a shift. In addition to powering up the device, the CS60 cradle supports a page button to locate a misplaced scanner.

To learn more about the solutions that Panatrack offers, and how the right equipment can leverage these tools to manage inventory, equipment, and assets, contact us and set up your personalized product demonstration.

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