Tame Out-Of-Control Inventory With Better Tools

You may have only started out with a few key products, but business has grown and so have your product lines. It’s nearly impossible to track dozens or hundreds of all the product variations passed through your warehouse every day. Add additional warehouses or regional distribution centers to that equation, and you may find yourself swimming in inventory data that may be questionable, if not outright inaccurate, which can lead to an even bigger nightmare. Tame out-of-control inventory with a better business management tool.

A small volume of products may be easily managed by specialty software or simple spreadsheets; however, as business grows, these entry-level solutions may not be able to keep up. Manually counting and handling inventory can also lead to skewed data, which could cause procurement to order more inventory than is necessary or not enough. Customers that experience delays or stock-outs could become frustrated and turn to a competitor. Support your growing business with a better technology, a robust warehouse management solution such as PanatrackerGP.

PanatrackerGP brings time-saving automation and barcode technology to speed up and improve accuracy behind inventory management. You can use barcodes to track raw materials, assemblies, and finished products as they enter, move around your warehouse, and are shipped to customers. PanatrackerGP also enables tracking of items that may be shifted between bins, if using multiple bins, or between warehouses and distribution centers. You can have accurate inventory data and know where it is located, in real time.

Configuration settings in PanatrackerGP Transaction Manager enable you to define your unique data capture routine. Hand-held barcode computers and the easy-to-use interface will improve productivity throughout the warehouse. You can also add features to integrate PanatrackerGP with order fulfillment, project accounting transfers, shipping and receiving, and other parts of your manufacturing or distribution operations. Use the features that make sense for your team and your business operations and tame the chaos associated with inventory management.

If your business and product lines are growing and your business solutions aren’t, it may be time to implement better tools. Contact Panatrack to learn how to tame out-of-control inventory with PanatrackerGP.

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