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Tame Your Inventory With PanatrackerGP Inventory Control

Tame Your Inventory With PanatrackerGP Inventory Control

Inventory Grows Up Fast

Fast-moving, large volumes of inventory are often difficult to manage. Add expanding product lines or growing customer demands into the mix and managing inventory becomes an even bigger beast to control. There is simply not enough time in the day to count every part or product that comes into your facility by hand, then enter part numbers and serial numbers into Microsoft Dynamics GP later. Integrate barcode technology with Microsoft Dynamics GP and gain instant, accurate inventory control.

Inventory moves very quickly and your warehouse team can become overwhelmed very quickly. As boxes stack up, procurement teams and production managers are getting farther and farther away from accurate inventory status. It becomes difficult to know whether suppliers are delivering raw materials as promised or whether production has the inventory they need to run a full shift. If this process is already challenging, it becomes much worse during periods of growth, when customers have an important need and short timeframe, or during peak seasons.

Manual processes and inefficient workflows are often to blame for poor inventory control. Looking for packing slips and hand keying data into Microsoft Dynamics GP takes a lot of time. Under pressure to work fast, your people could make mistakes when transcribing information, creating additional problems. Turn Microsoft Dynamics GP into a stronger, more efficient inventory control solution by adding PanatrackerGP.

Before Inventory Becomes a Bigger Beast, Deploy PanatrackerGP

Flexible, scalable and embedded with Microsoft Dynamics GP, PanatrackerGP provides your workforce with a powerful tool to manage inventory. Handheld computers with integrated barcode scanners capture inventory transactions on the spot. Data is automatically created, updated and validated against the host Microsoft Dynamics GP database. This time-saving automation improves productivity in the warehouse by streamlining workflows and reducing duplicative efforts. To see how a company that feeds animals implemented PanatrackerGP for Inventory Control in their manufacturing and warehouse Watch This.

PanatrackerGP automates data collection, eliminating redundant data-entry and improving the accuracy of inventory data. Barcode labels are printed automatically, further strengthening inventory details. Thus, procurement and production managers are armed with real-time data throughout the life of the inventory. PanatrackerGP makes every adjustment as items move between warehouse locations, are used in production or damaged on the floor, or if items are returned to stock.

Put your hands on inventory physically and digitally by integrating PanatrackerGP with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Before inventory becomes even harder to control, contact Panatrack for more information about this powerful warehouse solution and other technologies to strengthen inventory management and warehouse operations.


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