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Solving Complex Barcodes To Manage Inventory Tracking

Solving complex barcodes to manage inventory tracking

A client recently came to us with an issue in moving to the PanatrackerGP Embedded Warehouse Management System. When they imported their inventory data, the previous nonintegrated system had only recorded the first 11 characters of a scannable UPC Code. This meant that the imported data for the Manufacturers item cross reference only has 11 characters, regardless of what would be scanned. This renders any digits after the 11th as useless. Panatrack needed to devise a way that allows the users to scan the existing barcodes and ensure that the correct items are pulled up on the PanatrackerGP application.

Panatrack used our RegEx (Regular Expression) pattern replacement filter that is part of our standard solution to remedy the issues faced at the client location. By using our tools to set a pattern-replacement filter in the system the application, upon each scan, will throw away any characters after the 11th. This uses our “Pattern Stripping” feature on every scan allowing the client to use all of the data that was imported when they moved to the new system. Using the application in this capacity also guarantees that the filtering will not have any effect on item codes shorter than 11 eleven characters. One thing we did confirm with the client is that any leading zeros or spaces that may be part of UPCs being imported need to be scrubbed.

Serial Numbers

Another use case for our RegEx capability lies with a new client in laboratory testing. Many items that the client receives are serial tracked; and some vendors use serial numbers that are longer than 20. This is a limitation imposed by Dynamics GP and Panatrack has worked around this using our RegEx pattern to drop any characters after the 20th. Additional capabilities within Panatrack or on the scanners themselves allow for the compression of spaces among many other settings.

If your team is having issue with inventory tracking or has complex barcode needs, Panatrack is here to help solve them. Contact Us on our website or by phone 262.361.4950

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