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Service Contracts For Barcode Scanners

Service Contracts for Barcode Scanners

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Panatrack offers a variety of coverage options provided by the device manufactures. As we have covered, Panatrack is a solution partner with both Zebra and Honeywell, two of the top mobile computing and barcoding manufacturers in the industry. The offered contracts include comprehensive coverage and extended support for the scanners. With terms ranging from 3 to 5 years, as well as opportunities to extend beyond, your already durable scanners are covered from anything that may occur in the warehouse or the field. The cost of adding coverage to scanners can be rolled into the Panatrack solution and varies by each individual scanner and contract length. The nature of a comprehensive coverage contract ensures that in the event a scanner is damaged, there is no need to buy a replacement, and the repair will be completed rapidly to get your team back up and running. Preventing the need to purchase spare devices or source a replacement scanner on short notice.

Extended support means that your organization has access to Honeywell or Zebra support channels to ensure that any concerns are resolved quickly and efficiently. From software and configuration questions through detailed troubleshooting and error replication, the teams are equipped to assist you with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Support cases and device repairs are managed with dedicated systems designed to enhance the process and reach resolutions to keep your warehouse, stockroom, labs, and job sites operating efficiently.

The comprehensive coverage is often the most alluring aspect of the service contracts, covering wear and tear as well as accidental damage. From cracked screens to faulty keys, it is not just a standard warranty backing these devices. In the course of use, even the most ruggedized scanners suffer damage and while Panatrack can connect users with a variety of repair services, there are costs associated. The purchase of comprehensive coverage and the expedited turnaround time that comes with it leads to shorter downtime and happier customers. The turnaround times are determined based on the selected device and coverage, offering between 2 and 5 days.

Panatrack recommends that any organization investing in barcode scanners consider the service contracts, as it often less expensive to cover the devices than maintain a pool of spare units should something unexpected occur in the warehouse.

You can learn more about the contact options from Zebra here, and Honeywell here.

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