What is the right barcode scanner for your organization?

As a leading purveyor of inventory and asset tracking software for Dynamics GP users since the early 2000s, Panatrack has partnered with Zebra (formerly Motorola, Symbol) and Honeywell (formerly Intermec) to provide best-in-class hardware to our clients. Knowing that the devices in use with our application are reliable, rugged, and long-lasting allows Panatrack to support clients throughout their growth and lifecycle. With the introduction of the Android Operating System to the world of warehouse barcode scanners, the options on devices have increased. Panatrack will use a series of blog posts to review some key information about the barcode scanner options, accessories, service contracts, and special configurations.

To begin this series, we will discuss the three most popular scanner formats that Panatrack offers. These include the classic Mobile Computer, the smartphone-style Touch Computer, and the Enterprise Tablet range.

The Classic Mobile Computer

Mobile Computers are the scanners you have seen UPS drivers, store shelf stockers, and many others using. These units combine a touchscreen and large keypad most often with a full alphanumeric keyboard and a variety of standard range and long-range scanners. Offered in both brick and gun style form factors, these are often the most rugged devices available. There is a limited selection of Mobile Computers available with 4G connectivity, with more expected to enter the market towards the end of 2020.

Touch Computers

The Touch Computer form factor is a growing segment of the market, often found in retail and stockroom environments offering light to heavy-duty designs with all touchscreen interfaces and embedded scanners. These devices are very popular among utilities and service companies looking to equip individuals on the move with scanners. Touch computers are often available with 4G LTE network connectivity. With a variety of carrier options, Panatrack offers devices that connect to Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint depending on the device specification.

Tablet Computers

Finally, the tablets offered by Panatrack are enterprise-grade tablets with embedded or attached barcode scanners. These offer a variety of ruggedness levels with an enhanced level of sealing as they are a full touchscreen device. Tablet devices are available in a variety of form factors including built-in handles, embedded scanners, kickstands, and more. Additionally, some devices can be equipped with a cellular radio and 4G LTE connectivity for Verizon and AT&T.

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