Must Have Scanner Accessories

We have already reviewed device options and how we can get power to them, now it is time to look at some of the most popular accessories for mobile scanners. From carrying to protecting the most popular options are often focused on the need to extend the life and service of scanners with protection. Before we dive into keeping the device in shape, Panatrack will explore the options for spare batteries and long-life scanning options. If keeping your device from needing to get fixed like your shattered iPhone at a local repair shop is important, keep reading!

Spare Batteries

When it comes to keeping tabs on inventory with barcoding scanning, it is imperative that we have our scanners lasting all day. For single shift use, all the units Panatrack offers can last the full span. For our customers who are running back-to-back shifts with their Panatrack devices even a 10-hour battery can come up a little short. In those cases, we recommend that customers pick up a spare battery for each device. Modern scanners allow for a warm swap battery, which means that the whole device does not need to be powered down. Alongside batteries, Panatrack can provide battery chargers that will handle up to 20 batteries at once! Now, each brand and model have different configurations for spare battery charging available, so consult with Panatrack to build the best solution.

Holsters & Shoulder Straps

Most managers do not want to see a user set a device down on the shelf and walk away while they move a bulky item, it is just too easy for a scanner to disappear. Panatrack offers holsters and/or shoulder straps for all our units. Shoulder straps serve as a great method of allowing users moving rapidly, to swing the scanner up for use without requiring a holster for some of the larger device options.   Now users can ergonomically carry their devices all day without fear of dropping or leaving them behind. With soft and hard holster options for many units, Panatrack can certainly find the right combination for your team.

Protective Boots & Screen Protectors

One of the most destructive forces in the warehouse or stockroom covers the entire facility, the floor! Even with scanners rated for drops of up to 8 feet, a solid hit to concrete can cause some damage. To protect against this many Panatrack scanners and tablets can be outfitted with a protective boot. Much like the case you put on your phone, this keeps the device more protected and extends the life span. Alongside a case, many companies opt to install screen protectors to keep scratches and scuffs from obscuring the users’ vision. These screen protectors are easy to install and offer another level of protection.

Forklift Mounts and Tethers

For organizations that have forklifts moving through the warehouse, those wheels and heights can present a threat to scanners. Panatrack offers two options for securing scanners on forklifts tethers and mounts. Mounts and cradles can be powered by the forklift or left unpowered and only secure the devices in place. Retractable tethers that attach the device to the forklift and keep it from hitting the ground should they fall.

In our next post on this topic, we will cover service contracts that are available on the scanners sold by Panatrack. While these could certainly be considered an add on, they offer so much more than that for your users. If you are interested in new hardware or just want to add some accessories to your deployment, Contact Panatrack to get more information and find the solutions for your needs.


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