Is it time to jump to a better Warehouse Solution?

As a leading solution provider to the Dynamics Channel, Panatrack is often approached by GP users in need of a new Warehouse Management System for their inventory control. The primary reasons customers want to make a switch are a lack of support, often resulting in stalled or failed implementation, or the desire to maintain a single database. As the solution of choice for companies that need to remedy these issues, Panatrack is here to provide easy to implement, robust inventory and asset tracking solutions you can rely. When your team is ready to make the jump to a new solution, Panatrack is prepared.

Why make the Jump?

The number one reason clients look for a new solution is a lack of support from the vendor. Too often a lack of support kills an implementation before the customer can even fully go live. Spending the time and money to select and implement a solution is no small task; however, customers should not settle for half of a solution that barely functions. One of our most recent customers to have made the jump to a new solution, found that during the sales process the vendor in question did not fully understand their needs. When the project reached the point of testing all but the most basic receiving functions it turns out that the “solution” did not meet the clients’ needs! There was no reliable estimate as to when or if the product could be changed at its core to achieve this and likely other business processes.

Rather than presenting a rigid solution and attempting to shoehorn your processes during the implementation, Panatrack focuses on understating your company’s exact needs and requirements from day one. Not only does Panatrack offer a solution that can scale from two all the way up to one hundred or more scanners out of the box, but we also provide highly configurable transactions across the entire application. Additionally, the Panatrack support team prides itself on the number of high marks received in surveys and left on forums such as the GPUG Community. Customers who have made the jump from other solutions to Panatrack have been surprised by the efficiency and capability of our support team.

No Longer Fret About Integrations

Recently converted customers have also made the switch to remove the need to maintain a secondary database or manage anything along the lines of a third-party integration. The PanatrackerGP application has been designed from the ground up using Microsoft’s infrastructure to leverage Dynamics GP as the host database natively. This means that at no point is a Panatrack customer consuming GP licenses in any fashion, nor are they relying on another tool to synchronize data. Utilizing Panatrack as the Single Source of Truth provides Panatrack customers with a reliable and low maintenance solution to maintaining data integrity.

For those suffering through a failed implementation or struggling to get the support you need to achieve inventory accuracy, Panatrack offers an opportunity to turn the project around. Set your team on the path to success with the right solution and don’t lose your whole investment! Consult with Panatrack about upgrade options that are available to new clients in need of a better bar code solution today. As industry experts, our teams have worked with many customers looking for an upgrade to a better class of solution.

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