Using Smart Lists In GP

Smart Lists in Dynamics GP are a very flexible reporting and inquiry tool.  There are several ‘canned’ Smart Lists already set up.  This tool allows you to create a new Smart List from scratch, or you can work on an existing list to add the fields you need for your reporting.  The search criteria options can be saved or modified for each inquiry for quick access to reporting. Add up to four search options and the ability to add field comparison searches. As an add-on solution to GP, Panatrack suggests using Smart Lists as an additional tool for keeping track of your inventory and assets.

For Fixed Assets, PanatrackerGP provides the ability to physically track assets.  Since GP remains the host asset database, Smart Lists can be used as the key reporting tool. A Smart List can be added to track new asset additions. As an example, new assets may be initially assigned an “unassigned’ Class ID.  This is often recommended as the user adding the asset may not know the proper Class assignment.  The final assignment would be handled by the finance department as they assign the additional financial details directly in GP.  By creating a Smart List, there is now a working list of new assets for the finance or accounting department to reference and work from.  Also, for Fixed Assets, validation is completed by a physical location.  Once the physical location is validated from the PanatrackerGP application, a Smart List can be run for that specific location to identify and maintain reports on the physical inventory completed.  A report can be saved in Excel or Word or simply printed and saved.

Smart Lists

Smart Lists are also a great tool for additional inventory reporting.  PanatrackerGP handles the inventory-related transactions; however, when adding inventory management to your environment, explore the various Smart List reports that can be created and used to maximize your efficiency.  The PanatrackerGP application offers multiple Flex Fields (user-definable fields) that can be set up and used to capture additional data that may not be native to GP.  Since all PanatrackerGP transactions are stored in a journaling (SQL) database, including the GP transaction numbers, Smart List Builder can be used to create customized reports and include that additional collected data.

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