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Shorten Your EOY Stock Counts With Panatrack

Shorten your EOY Stock Counts with Panatrack

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, companies are beginning to plan for Year End stock counts and many employees begin to dread the days of running about with stack of paper and post it notes scribbling down counts and scratching out their mistakes. At the end of count process someone will be sitting down in front a terminal and manually entering each item count either into GP or maybe an excel sheet. With the PanatrackerGP Solution users no longer need to worry about these situations; stock counting has been made easy and fast. Utilizing real time validations and a direct connection to Dynamics GP it is time to take control of your stock counts.

With PanatrackerGP the need to not print out paper count sheets and pass them around allows your team to now capture the counts on the handheld scanner when and where they occur. The count is entered not only into the application but also into GP at the same time. This reduces the need for someone sitting at the computer at the end of the day entering keystroke after keystroke. There is no more worrying about the need to decipher handwriting and try to determine if something was a 13 or 18. Panatrack validates every item and quantity. If a user counts a previously entered item they are prompted to select ‘add to previous count’ or ‘replace previous count’. When users are undertaking counts in a multi-bin environment, there is now no need for the user to attempt to individually record each bin count for an item, they are entered directly on the scanner.

With our item level count settings for lot and serial tracked items, users do not need to record the lot or serial numbers of each item as part of a count. During a manual stock counts, a user would either need to either record each individual serial or lot number or come back after the count has been entered should there be any discrepancies. With Panatrack the user has the ability to enter a pre-count quantity for the lot or serial items; should the count match the expected quantity the user can move on, if not the user is prompted to record the appropriate details. With multi bins enabled users are validating exact quantities for each bin location.

When sending users out to count with paper sheets, printing off what feels like a ream of paper is common and even items with negative quantities are often included. Panatrack has addressed this short coming with our Stock Count Transaction and the ability to filter out items that have a 0 or negative quantity ensuring a fluid and effective stock count. Additionally, Panatrack can be configured to show allow users to be presented with the current variance for the items being counted. The default setting for Panatrack sends the users on a blind count allowing them to enter and increase quantities without seeing any information directly from GP.

To learn more about the Panatrack application, contact us and schedule a product demo!

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