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Visit Us At The Vicinity Manufacturing FOCUS 2013 Conference

Visit us at the Vicinity Manufacturing FOCUS 2013 Conference

Panatrack is excited to be part of the Vicinity Manufacturing FOCUS 2013 User Conference this week in Marietta, Georgia. We have had a great time working with the Vicinity crew to develop our integration with their solution. Stop by to learn more about how PanatrackerGP can dramatically simplify how you manage your manufacturing inventory.

FOCUS is the foremost formula manufacturing software event, bringing Vicinity software users, Microsoft Partners, Vicinity Manufacturing team members, and process manufacturing industry experts together to discuss ways to improve and most effectively utilize Vicinity software. FOCUS includes a variety of informational and highly-interactive learning sessions to better understand how you can further leverage your Vicinity software.

PanatrackerGP for Inventory is a great addition to the Vicinity software. Add real-time barcode data collection and WMS capabilities to your manufacturing process. Accurately and quickly capture lot details, print production labels, perform stock counts, enter manufacturing usage and production, and so much more!

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