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Visit Panatrack At GPUG Summit 2015 Booth #703

Visit Panatrack at GPUG Summit 2015 Booth #703

Visit the Panatrack exhibit at the GPUG Summit 2015 (booth #703) to learn more about PanatrackerGP Version 7, which brings new levels warehouse management system (WMS) functionality to the proven and trusted PanatrackerGP barcode inventory and asset management product. The version includes improved tools for order fulfillment, picking routes, license plating, manufacturer item cross reference, directed transfers and unique item identification (UDI).

PanatrackerGP Version 7 supports Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, GP10, GP2010, and GP2013. PanatrackerGP has long supported Dynamics GP in both on-premise and private or public cloud environments and uses Dynamics GP as the data master, rather than adding a separate database that must be integrated and synchronized.

Version 7, launched this year, strengthens PanatrackerGP’s position as the solution of choice for extending Microsoft Dynamics GP for WMS. Using wireless handheld computers with barcode scanners, PanatrackerGP users can execute both basic and advanced inventory and asset management transactions directly in Dynamics GP. PanatrackerGP extends standard Dynamics GP functionality with an additional layer of powerful WMS functionality. Because the product is specific to a single enterprise software product, it can leverage and extend advanced features of the underlying system better than competitors. It also adds features not found in Dynamics GP as appropriate to meet business needs.

A significant focus of Version 7 is enhanced order fulfillment. For situations where a single-step pick and pack fulfillment process isn't practical, PanatrackerGP has introduced a two-step fulfillment workflow—something typically associated only with expensive and complex stand-alone WMS software systems. Distributors can now pick items to a movable bin or staging area, then later confirm accuracy and pack to a shipping container.

Other significant improvements include:

  • Warehouse zones and picking routes can now be defined in the warehouse so the picking team can operate more efficiently by avoiding wasted movement.
  • Enhanced license plate features, allowing for the grouping of inventory under a single serialized barcode. This simplifies pallet-level movement and fulfillment.
  • New case and multi-pack SKUs with their own units of measure. Instead of adding separate items to Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can now associate a unit-of-measure to the Manufacturer Item Cross Reference. Scanning that barcode translates it to the Dynamics GP item and sets the appropriate unit-of-measure, saving time and decreasing warehouse errors.
  • Expanded directed transfer functionality. Directed transfer is commonly used for site-transfer requisitions and internal orders, streamlining inventory replenishment to stores or satellite warehouses. The PanatrackerGP web portal allows for the entry of these transfer directives and gives the warehouse team an on-screen pick-list on the scanner for easier fulfillment.
  • Enhanced support for the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Unique Device Identification (UDI) regulations. The UDI is an alphanumeric code consisting of device information, as well as the specific details of production data. This UDI data is typically represented by concatenating several pieces of data into a single barcode, and will be of interest to medical device manufacturers and distributors. Version 7 brings an enhanced barcode parsing engine in order to capture item, lot or serial data, and more with a single scan.
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