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Tool & Equipment Item Tracking

Powered by PanatrackerST

Are you looking for visibility to where to find equipment, tools, and circulating assets?

Do you want to add better accountability to your workforce?

Do you need to track components or complete maintenance activities?

PanatrackerST is an ideal solution for managing your assets, tools, and equipment. Unlike other asset tracking solutions, PanatrackerST supports the ability to capture different data for different types of items being tracked in the system. You may want to track the manufacturer, model, and replacement costs on equipment, while being more generic for small tools and supply type items.

PanatrackerST can also be setup to track loanable tools without the need uniquely assign asset tags. Things such as hard hats and safety glasses can still be tracked as issued to an employee, customer, or vendor without the overhead of serializing each one independently.  

Track your assets, tools and equipment against a project or job. Reserve items for later pick up or shipment. Transfer between stockrooms, warehouses, or project sites. 

PanatrackerST is a cloud-based item-tracking platform with high flexibility to track items such as tools, equipment, parts, supplies, and any other assets. Key features for tool and equipment tracking include:

  • Unlimited attributes. Define what data you need to capture and when you need to capture it.
  • Template setup for items to manage different tracking requirements for different categories of items.
  • The ability track items by unique serial numbers or by an item number by quantity (such as for small tools, safety glasses, hard hats, etc.)
  • Visibility to who has it, where it is located, and when it is expected to return.
  • Option to setup tracking for projects or jobs.



PanatrackerST will be a good fit for other types of asset tracking including:

  • Lab equipment 
  • Medical paraphernalia provisioned to patients
  • Equipment and supplies checked out to students,
  • Tracking of computer and cell phones provided to staff,
  • Loanable AV equipment checked out for meetings and events,
  • Assets contracted for use at customer sites

Key Features & Transactions

Building on the PanatrackerST core functionality of receiving and moves, the PanatrackerST Tool & Equipment tracking solution includes

Item Templates

Define different categories of items and the associated rules. Setup small tools and gear such as safety glasses and hard hats to be supported in check out functions without the need to individually serialize each unit. Add serialized control for expensive tools and equipment.

Check Out & Check In

Transfer custody and accountability with the ability to check out items to employees.

Unit Build (Kit)

Track replacement component items on item builds and kits.

Allocate to Project

Allocate specific units, equipment, or tools to a project or job.

Reserve for Check Out

Pick items to set aside and reserve for later check out.


Setup transfer orders and complete picking and shipments to the job site for inventory and assets.


Record parts and inventory used to maintain your serialized equipment and tools.

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