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The Case Against Stand Alone Warehouse Managmement Systems (WMS) for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Ever since enterprise resource planning (ERP) software came on the market, there has been an ongoing debate over whether it is preferable to a collection of point solutions. ERP of course is designed to encompass the entirety of a business value cycle in a common enterprise software platform to offer efficiencies and enhanced visibility and control. But proponents of point solutions suggest that a piece of software that handles a specific part of the business—supply chain management, warehouse management or project management, for instance—do a better job with these functions than ERP can. They also may claim that due to the long, disruptive and sometimes unsuccessful implementation process, it is hard to truly realize value on ERP like Microsoft Dynamics® GP.

Even in companies that have implemented ERP, we will sometimes see a separate warehouse management system (WMS), usually with a point-to-point integration. This “seamless integration” is never quite seamless, and defeats the purpose … (download to read more)

The Case Against Stand Alone WMS

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