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Signature Capture For Inventory Remove

Signature Capture for Inventory Remove

Panatrack has supported the Remove Inventory transaction as part of the core solution since early in the product's release; this feature is used to create an inventory adjustment within Dynamics GP directly from the mobile computer. This adjustment will remove the amounts and associated details (lot or serial) from the On Hand and Available quantities in GP.  Capturing accurate consumption or removal of inventory via a barcode scan ensures that organizations consuming inventory internally or on jobs & projects are always supplied with the most precise information. In addition to capturing the items and transaction detail, Panatrack has added flex fields and reason codes to this transaction allowing users to obtain additional information and data that may be relevant to management, this includes signature capture. Learn more about Panatrack features here.

Alongside these flex fields and reason codes, Panatrack allows for signature capture as part of the transaction. This has been widely used by customers who are looking for yet another level of detail when issuing inventory to a job or project, as well as by laboratories who are using inventory internally for a variety of purposes. These signatures are captured as a panel in the Panatrack screen and stored alongside the transaction data in the Panatrack portal. For companies that do not need to capture signatures or additional information, any or all the flex fields can be disabled in the Panatrack Portal.

Laboratory Testing

A Panatrack client who operates a testing laboratory uses the signature capture on inventory remove as an audit trail for employees. The reagents that are consumed in the course of testing are high-value products, and the company maintains a JIT (just in time) supply of the items on hand. As such they carefully monitor the use of the reagents and capture the user ID, signature, and lot number every time inventory is removed from stock and consumed. Should inconsistencies appear in the consumption of products, the organization can identify for any discrepancies through signature records.

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