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PODCAST: Real Time Posting In Microsoft Dynamics® GP

In this episode of the Extended Business Podcast series, Panatrack's resident expert on Dynamics GP shares insights on real-time posting.

“Dynamics GP is a highly batch-oriented system,” Pam says, “…batch meaning transactions are created then saved to be reviewed and potentially then posted, which means I am then going to actually hit the financials.”

Pam discusses how PanatrackerGP users can post transactions captured through barcode scanning in real time to Dynamics GP, but stresses that this can benefit from a nuanced approach. Posting ought to be handled differently depending on a number of criteria, and a solution therefore needs to offer a great deal of flexibility.

“With an automated posting solution, you typically would go a couple different directions,” she says in the audio podcast. “You could post by transaction type, or set it up to post by batch ID assignment. So if you get new people or temporary people coming in, you can treat them differently than the people you know and trust who you can set up in a batch ID to be able to post in real time. But new people coming in can be set up so you can audit them.”

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