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PODCAST: Hardware And Software Leasing Benefit VARs, Customers

PODCAST: Hardware and software leasing benefit VARs, customers

Whether you are buying or selling business software, hardware and software leasing can make your life easier.

Buyers can avoid up-front cash outlays, structure payments that are flexible and even move hardware or software off the capital budget and onto the oeprating budget. Value added resllers (VARs) can help their customers overcome real cash flow barriers to getting the deal to come together. That is why VARs and software buyers both ought to learn as much as they can about leasing.

That is why Panatrack released this executive brief on hardware and software leasing, but we're all busy. So you can get the essential points of this brief in this audio podcast featuring Patrick Small of Ascentium Capital. Stream the podcast and learn to harness the power of leasing!

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