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PODCAST — Dynamics GP On Multi-Tenant SaaS

PODCAST — Dynamics GP on Multi-Tenant SaaS

How and why would you put Microsoft Dynamics® GP on a multi-tenant cloud environment? Unlike some enteprise resource planning (ERP) products that are only available as software-as-a-service, hosted in multi-tenant cloud environments where multiple end user companies share the same instance of the software, Dynamics GP will probably always be available on-premise, and through a perpetual license. But Dynamics GP  is available through subscription pricing, and recent versions do allow a high level of multi-tenancy–with all users sharing a partitioned SQL database. What benefits does this offer over on-premise provisioning? How is this in many ways better than software products offered only through SaaS? What are the implications for third-party extensions like barcode scanning? In this episode of the Extended Business Podcast, Tidestone Technical Director Darren Woodbrey shares insights into Dynamics GP in a multi-tenant environment, and offers how-to advice for provisioning Dynamics GP in the cloud.

Stream the podcast, and learn more with this in-depth executive brief, How to Achieve Multi-Tenant Cloud with Dynamics GP.

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