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Serialized Item Tracking Solutions for the Future

PanatrackerST tracks the What, the Where, and the Who for any item

PanatrackerST is a highly-flexible item management platform designed to handle complex tracking scenarios that cannot be solved by traditional warehouse or asset management systems.

Our objective is to improve how organizations track what, where, and who.

  • Improving WHAT means refining the identification of unique attributes that distinguish one item from another: a serial number, a license plate, a MAC address, a lot number.
  • Improving WHERE means treating locations as nestable containers: a warehouse containing aisles that contain shelves that contain bins, a shipment yard that contains trucks that contains pallets that contain serialized items, a job site that contains toolboxes that contains worker's tools.
  • Improving WHO means tracking a critical distinction for many companies — that some items might not be owned or located within the entity that is responsible for its custody: a warehouse holding customer’s items, assets that are checked out to an employee or team, inventory sent to a job site.

PanatrackerST incorporates these improvements into a highly-configurable solution that leverages cloud deployment, wireless mobility, barcode scanning, and organizational collaboration. We invite you to learn more about the solution and its future.

Core Concepts

To build a fully configurable solution, PanatrackerST is designed on these core concepts
  • Teams

    Representing groups that own or take custody of tracked units. Including internal groups, Customers, Vendors and Carriers.

  • Article

    Items tracked in the system. These may be consumable inventory, returnable assets, or items owned by a customer or vendor.

  • Container

    Anything that holds other containers or articles. Includes boxes, shelves, pallets, staging areas, and more. Pre-defined containers are static and movable

  • Handle

    The record ID for each unit tracked in the system. Handles will uniquely identify a container and may uniquely identify articles with differing attributes.

  • Units

    Anything that is tracked in the system, including Articles and Containers. These are configured within the portal to match company needs.

  • Nesting

    Nesting allows users to situate both articles and containers within each other to build containers and shipments

PanatrackerST Key Features



A team represents a group of users, customers, or vendors that are owners or custodians of items tracked in the system.

Add Units

A unit represents items and containers tracked in the system. The defined unique attributes for each unit will be assigned when the added or received.

Move Article

Move items from one container to another. This may be from a shelf into a box or from a stocking area to a staging area.


Complete shipments to transfer units to other locations, to customers, or vendors.


Capture the details important to your organization for tracked items. Define unlimited attributes and when they need to be captured.

Move Container

Move a container to another location or into another container. You have unlimited nesting capabilities. Place an item into a box, the box on a pallet, the pallet in a truck.

Build Container

The ability to load a container to prepare for shipment or transfer. Create a new container to build on-the-fly.

Receive Transfer

Supporting in-transit shipments between locations, the Receive Transfer provides the ability to update the custody and location with a simple scan.

Transfer Custody

Provides a direct hand-off between teams when shipping isn’t required. This can be a transfer to a truck or to record a customer pick up


Setup a project, job, or contract to add tracked items received for, or allocated throughout the process.  Assign attributes to capture additional details.

Project Allocation

Assign unallocated units to a project.


Record the issue or usage of articles to a project.

Check In/Out

Check out returnable items to individuals. Complete check in of items and update status to available.

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