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A highly flexible item tracking platform

Tracking the Who, the What, and the Where

PanatrackerST is an item tracking platform designed to handle both simple and complex tracking scenarios that often don't fit into a traditional warehouse or asset management solution.  Our objective is to improve how organizations track what, where, and who.

Improving WHAT means refining the identification of unique attributes that distinguish one item from another …. serial number, a pallet ID, a MAC address, a lot number

Improving the WHERE means treating locations as nestable containers regardless if it is a facility, an area, a movable container, or a truck.

  •  A warehouse with areas that holds pallets of cases of items.
  •  A shipyard containing trucks that holds pallets of items.
  •  A job site that has equipment and toolboxes holding workforce tools.

Improving the WHO means tracking a critical distinction for many companies — that some items might not be owned or located within the entity that is responsible for its custody. Adding both ownership and custody to the tracking of each unit.

  • Facilities that hold items owned by a customer
  • Items held in consignment at a customer’s location
  • Assets checked out to an employee, project, or team
  • Items and assets located at a job site

PanatrackerST is ideal solution for inventory management, asset tracking, or to incorporate both within the same system. Consider  PanatrackerST is offered as a solution to meet your traditional inventory or asset tracking needs as well as a solution that can handle   unique tracking challenges. Based on organizations we have worked with, we have put together example solution offerings. 

Item Tracking for Projects & Jobs

Add visibility to your items you have reserved, allocated or issued to projects or jobs. Extend tracking of directly expensed inventory through the life of each unit. Manage tools, equipment, and circulating assets within the same system.

Tools, Equipment & Asset Tracking

Manage your tools, equipment, and circulating assets with PanatrackerST. Add visibility to units available and those checked out. Transfer to project or job sites, reserve, check out and check in.

Customer Owned & Consignment Items

Explore a solution that adds custody and ownership to the location for the items your team needs to track. Discover features to support tracking items in your custody that are owned by another organization, including customer accessible portal.

PanatrackerST Key Features



Set up multiple teams including your internal groups of users, customers, vendors, and carriers. Teams are owners and custodians of the items tracking across the system.

Unlimited Attributes

Define what data to track and when to capture it. Assign attributes to the different item categories for maximum flexibility. Capture information as part of your item code master, to the units you are tracking, or for a transaction.

Containers and Unlimited Nesting

Track items in movable containers to simplify moves and to add more details to shipments. Unlimited nesting is supported to provide the ability for items to be added to a box, put on a pallet, and then put into a truck.


Setup projects to track project, job, service orders, or contract details. Items can be allocated to a project. Define the project items are issued to or check out against.


Define different item categories and rule assignments to support tracking a mix of tracking requirements. Define items as returnable, a consumable, or a component of another item. Track items by a unique serial number or by a quantity with the ability to define distinguishing attributes when needed. Multiple rules can be assigned to merge the ability to track an item as both inventory and an asset.


Define facilities and areas for your internal teams. Setup addresses for your customers and vendors.
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