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Panatrack participates in ISV Summit

Panatrack was delighted to participate in the annual Independent Software Vendors (ISV) Leadership Summit was held in San Juan, Puerto Rico January 26th-28th. As you likely know, an independent software vendor is a company specializing in developing software that is designed for a specific horizontal or vertical market. Microsoft Dynamics has a comprehensive ISV program and includes software for manufacturing, human resources, payroll, barcode scanning, fixed asset tracking, business intelligence and more.

The ISV Leadership Summit is a round-table gathering of leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in the Microsoft Dynamics Channel. Its attendees share their business strategies ranging from leadership, sales, marketing, and business development. The goal: learn from each other and enrich each participating business.

The event was founded by Mark Rockwell of Rockton Software, who crafts solutions to make Microsoft Dynamics GP work simpler and easier. Mark explains the genesis of the ISV Leadership Summit by saying, “I wanted to get like-minded business owners together to discuss the hard realities of running businesses. Talking together, we've inspired one another to do things differently and shared ideas that have helped each other work differently and better. Ideas we've shared have even launched whole lines of business for some of us. Because we all do the same thing, we get to share how to make processes more efficient, commiserate about the challenges of business management, swap great vendor recommendations, and being a part of the Microsoft channel.”

The event involves networking between partners, sharing and creating new ideas through discussions facilitated by the summit. New this year, attendees were invited to participate in the Microsoft ISV Showcase, at Microsoft Headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The ISV Showcase gave each member of the ISV Summit the opportunity to give a brief presentation of their products and services with businesses and Microsoft partners in Puerto Rico and neighboring islands.

This year, partners participating in the event included Rockton Software, Solver, Inc., Panatrack, Horizon’s International, Olympic Systems, Integrity Data, Vicinity Manufacturing, Njevity, and GPC Systems. We gained a lot of value spending time with these other companies. We also got to spend a week where the temperature was almost 100 degrees higher than it was at home in Wisconsin. That's a win.


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