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Obtain a Team of Experts with the ISV Solution Network

Dynamics GP is a great core ERP solution. As many know, there are A LOT of add-on solutions available in the market to enhance that core solution investment .Some companies invest in a few of these solutions and for others, the investment is larger to build an enterprise solution.

One of the perceived drawbacks for a core ERP system is the number of independent solutions that a company may need to invest in to create their ideal solution. However, there is another point of view to consider. If you were to build a house, you would hire a general contractor. Consider your Dynamics GP partner the general contractor.  The general contractor would then coordinate and contract the skills to complete specific work… the electrician, the plumber, etc.  Each of these independent contractors has the specific knowledge and skills in their specialized area to get the work done right and to the current code.

Another analogy would be medical care. You may have a general family practitioner (again correlate to your Dynamics GP Partner), but if you had a specific issue, you would be referred to a specialist. There is a network of specialists that work together to provide you the specific care needed.

These analogies can be applied to the various solutions that you add to GP. By investing in companies with solutions that specialize in specific areas, you are investing in a team of experts; each with their specialized knowledge and skill. Panatrack for example, specializes in inventory and asset tracking. We can offer the extensive knowledge in that area starting with the inventory functionality available within GP, the specific mobile and barcode technology, and overall best practices. If you have complex sales tax requirements, you would want to invest in an organization with solutions specializing in tax. Need credit card processing? Wouldn’t you want to work with a company that understands the compliance and security requirements?

Working with several vendors can also seem counter-productive. However, the ISV network of solution providers can offer you a team of experts. This team is in a position not just offer you tools to make your job easier, but best practices to make your business run smoothly and efficiently. Many of the solutions use Dynamics as the host database which resulting in maintaining a seamlessly integrated system. For example, if you use requisitioning software, the end result will be the creation of the purchase order in GP. From there, you can use our PanatrackerGP Receiving transaction to label and  create the receiving transaction back to GP without the overhead of additional integration requirements. The systems are natively integrated with Dynamics as the host database.

The ISV network for Dynamics GP not only serves as an extension of the partners, but also work well with each other to deliver a unified solution. Our PanatrackerGP solution has integrations with WennSoft for tracking inventory against a job or service activity; V-Technologies StarShip, Binary Stream’s Multi-Entity Management solution; and Vicinity Manufacturing for capturing inventory issued and produced.  Even if an integration doesn’t currently exist, you will find this network of solution vendors is willing to pull together to deliver a tightly integrated solution experience to the users.

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